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My samsung galaxy S2 batteries suddenly drain within hours!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by doriss, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. doriss

    doriss Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i have owned my SGS2 for 2 months. battery life has been ok, depending on usage. suddenly, from one day to another my batteries don't last anymore at all. go from 100% TO 0 in less than 4 hours. i at first thought the battery was defective, but my spare battery has the same problem! It's crazy! there's no background apps, the display brightness is turned down, i checked everything i can think of. once i just had the fully charged phone sitting there, at work. send 2 text messages and 4 hours later it was drained! without using it!!!! Help!?


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    Post #8 by TorturedBrain, Feb 5, 2012 (1 points)

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  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Welcome to Android Forums, doriss. :)

    If it's not background activity, it could be your device searching for a signal: wifi or data/tower.

    Go into the wifi/networking area and make sure things are set up for your situation. You may have wifi on, for example, and not need it, etc.
  4. hendricks

    hendricks Lurker

    I'm having exactly the same problem. Worked fine for 4 months then a week or so ago the battery is dead after 6 hours.

    I've not changed anything, no background apps running, no change to the background.
  5. ktabel01

    ktabel01 Lurker

    Something is seriously wrong here. I'm having the exact same issue. On wifi and a couple texts or minutes if browsing takes the battery down 25 percent. Haven't installed anything or changed settings. Really hope a fix is out there!
  6. BlackLabelSix

    BlackLabelSix Lurker

    I have the same issue, bought my phone on Sunday the 22nd. First full battery lasted a few hours short of two days. Last night went to bed at around 11pm with ~75% battery. Dead before 6am, just glad I didn't have my early class today.
  7. 12droid

    12droid Lurker

    I have the same issue, although i have to say it only started after updating to the newest firmware using KIES.
    When i go to settings and look at the battery consumption i see that android OS is using 78%...!!! Before this was not more that 25%
    No wifi, bluetooth, gps or background apps open.
  8. millie80

    millie80 Lurker

    My SGS2 too suffering from a dreadful drain. I changed my battery to a new one but still the condition just worsens. Somebody helppp... its quite urgent :(
  9. TorturedBrain

    TorturedBrain Lurker

    bumping for similar problem. Phone gets quite hot, as well.
  10. MMakoto

    MMakoto Newbie

    i've been on the same boat as most of you, but perhaps a little less severe. dropped to 70% on a full charge from 12mid to 8am while asleep, this was on stock 2.3.6 and rooted only. android os was sucking up most the juice, and it was happening every other day. i took the plunge and installed a custom rom, jauggernaut 4.1, and everything was so much better, at least on standby. i won't encourage any of you to root and put a custom rom on your phones, cuz there's always a chance of bricking your phone. now i'm just hoping when ICS come out-everything would be all good on stock.
  11. Lii

    Lii Newbie

    Incredible. I'm having the same problem. Not only does my battery drain within a couple hours AFTER charging, but it's also taking longer to charge up.
  12. rjbrowne

    rjbrowne Lurker

    My S2 is five days old and I just started having the same problem: Phone died from 90% charge to 0% in 2 hours. No GPS of WIFI turned on, not a terrible cell signal. The back of the phone was very hot, too. Has anyone found a solution here?
  13. ktabel01

    ktabel01 Lurker

    have no idea what caused it. I downloaded juice defender and made some tweaks. Have been resetting my phone more often, about once a week, and it has been pretty good lately.
  14. will1990

    will1990 Lurker

    Hey, Im new to the forum, I just saw this thread a decided to post about my own woes.

    I have had my gs2 for about 6 months and the battery useage has been as expected and very good if data usage is monitored. but now.....

    My phone is getting EXTREMELY hot to the point that it could burn my face somewhat. the battery was draining within TWO hours from a fully charge which was now taking triple the length time it was before this problem started to occour.

    I started to investigate the problem - I unistalled some apps that I recently installed...no luck

    It felt like it was getting hot near the top so I uninstalled nexus torch - still no luck

    However, today I decided to switch off my data completely and the battery usage is NORMAL - but I have no idea what could be draining the battery - I had already removed all of my home screen widgets...

    This is on a rooted GS2 -which ahs been stable on the same build for 4 months....
  15. MrPeregrine

    MrPeregrine Lurker

    new here too, and got the same problem. Just got 2 new Galaxy S 2 phones from T-Mobile over the weekend for me and my wife. They're identical, after all the updates I did (running 2.3.6 now, but not rooted yet). And I noticed that battery usage is just crazy. Just overnight it goes down about 50%. I checked the battery usage, and it shows the biggest use by "Android System" = 40% and "Android OS" = 31%.

    I did some search and found this thread: http://androidforums.com/samsung-ga...-galaxy-s2-battery-drain-fix-work-around.html. This is for AT&T versions of the phone, but it looks like the problem is related to android version 2.3.6, not the phone.
    The thing is, I already had Wi-Fi sleep policy set to never, so that alone could not have been responsible. But I had the option to "Turn off Wi-Fi" in "Power saving mode" checked, so I wonder if there was some conflict between those 2. I disabled this feature now, so both options related to Wi-Fi sleep/power save are now off. I did not install any 3rd party app to control Wi-Fi yet (like suggested in the other thread). I just want to see first id this alone helps things.
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  16. MrPeregrine

    MrPeregrine Lurker

    I think I may've found a resolution to this problem. At least it worked for me, on both phones that I have. I started with "Android System" using 40% and "Android OS" over 30% on each of my phones, and now they're all at 4%.

    The problem definitely seems Wi-Fi related, but turning Wi-Fi alone is just a temporary fix. Here's what I did:

    1. Turn the Wi-Fi off, then wait few minutes and turn it back on.

    2. Let you battery drain completely - play some games if you want to speed it up, or just wait, but DON'T CHARGE when prompted. You have to let your battery drain completely - let the phone die on you from the lack of power.

    3. Charge the phone fully. Don't disconnect the charger until you see the icon in your status bar that shows the battery has been charged completely. You can use the phone while charging, if you have to, but it'll charge faster if you don't.

    4. If you now check the battery use, you may still see the same results as before, but just use your phone a bit and come back and check later, and you should be good.

    If this doesn't work for you, do this again but this time after resetting Wi-Fi (step 1) turn the phone off and remove the battery for a minute. Then continue to step 2-4.

    Let me know if this helped you. I'm curious.
  17. dksmoove

    dksmoove Newbie

    It has not worked for me-- I followed all steps. I also tried it with removal of battery as well.
    It seemed to work temporarily, and then its back to Android OS hog.
  18. MrPeregrine

    MrPeregrine Lurker

    hmm.. unfortunately for me also this seems like a temporary fix. It was perfect 2 days ago. Yesterday I noticed the battery use rising, and today one of the phones has the "Android OS" at over 60% and another at over 30%.
  19. shadyzn

    shadyzn Lurker

    hi i am also having the same problem my phone will only last 12 to 13 hours if i don't use the phone:( the phone is only 2 months old sent it back to Samsung they replaced the battery and that never solve the problem it is still dying. i used to get 1 and half days use out of it but don't know happened tried different firmware modems still cant solve it.
  20. Asta

    Asta Lurker

    Has anyone tried a factory reset?

    Hi, I had the exact same issue and couldnt figure it out. I tried killing tasks (with task manager and system info app), Juice defender to save power, and turning off wifi etc. It all started after I setup Social Hub app (I think anyway, I tried stopping all updates and syncs but nothing helped).

    I think a rogue process must have got stuck somewhere.

    Anyway I done a factory reset and haven't charged the phone since.

    This is what my usage looks like on the charge since I reset.... from half a day to well over 3 days and counting.

  21. duc916

    duc916 Well-Known Member

    Wow, to think I almost bit the bullet and upgraded the Vibrant early... looks like the same old story with Samsung/Android...
  22. Asta

    Asta Lurker

    I got to over 4 days (106 hours) by the time it reached 20% charge so its pretty impressive in standard form.

    That included a few long phone calls, messaging, camera, internet etc.
  23. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    Man, sorry to hear of all these battery problems, I wasn't having stellar performance stock, but it's much better (in every variant I've tried) since rooting. ATM I've had the phone off the charger for over 19 hours, lots of texts a few calls and a decent amount of internet and I'm still at 71% I'm starting to wonder if it was the stock "upgrade" that I never fully ran the phone on, that is causing this mess for so many of you.
  24. MrPeregrine

    MrPeregrine Lurker

    i thought I read somewhere posts from those that have them rooted and they had the same problems. I was planning to root mine, just didn't have time. I'll try to get it done today.
  25. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    Well, you can make them run even harder and faster which will result in shorter battery life, but you can also run them to be more conservative. It may be that I'm just lucky as well, but I was able to increase what I was getting after rooting the phone and finding a rom that I liked as well as turning off processes I didn't need running. Good luck, hopefully it will help you.
  26. momsdear

    momsdear Newbie

    hello how r u???
    i am also facing the same problem in my samsung galaxy s2 since i updated it to android version 2.3.5 three days ago....
    if you could found any solution plz do contact me...
    i m very upset about this problem...

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