Jun 15, 2013
central Indiana
I've added new events about a week ago by PC that were not showing up on phone. I've searched, etc. and deleted an old calendar, cleared cache under Storage, tried to find assistance on PC, but can't seem to get it to sync again. Synced manually, turned phone off several times. what else can I do? It's a Samsung Galaxy S8; 5 years old. Is this a sign it's dying and I need to replace?

I know it's the phone because I've tested my Samsung tablet and it syncs to PC.
It's probably a settings issue rather than a hardware fault (aka phone dying).

So to be precise, when you say you added events "by PC" what exactly do you mean? I'm guessing that you mean you added them to some cloud calendar (most likely Google), but it might be helpful to know for sure. If it is a Google calendar, are other Google account categories syncing (e.g. contacts)? What happens when you tell the phone to sync manually, and are you doing that via the account settings or via the Calendar app (whichever Calendar app you use)?

And to eliminate the simple things, can you see other events in that same calendar on the phone, or is that whole calendar not showing up? If the latter, check your calendar app's settings and check that the calendar in question is set to be visible (it's possible to sync a calendar but not display it in the app, and it might be that you touched something that turned it off).
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I'm speaking of MightyText app that I've had for years. And also a laptop. To sync manually it's thru the Google calendar app and the phone's settings. I've tested on Contacts on the phone and it shows up on the laptop, so that works. Calendar is showing up on phone but events from about a week ago don't on the phone.
Hmm, I just looked up MightyText and I can't see what it has to do with calendar appointments, unless perhaps you mean the "schedule messages" feature.

But if this is a problem with this specific app rather than calendar syncing generally, which has to be a real possibility here, I'm afraid I have no experience with it.
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