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My Samsung Galaxy tab 4's Wi-fi won't work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Doomer Yag, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Doomer Yag

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    My Samsung galaxy tab 4 broke back in late April of last year. My Wi-fi won't activate.I turn it on and it just flips back off, but everything else works fine. I noticed whenever I look in my syatem status, I have a Wi-fi Mac address, but I no longer have an IP address. The first thing I tried was power ressetting and it didn't solve anything.

    I tried everything from clearing my app cache, messing around with the Sprint connection optimizer, changing my Mac address to static IP, every type of software update (That would require Wi-fi) safe mode didn't help either. I even tried the mother of all fixes, factory reset, it didn't solve anything. What I believe happened was I was on Google chrome and I got an AD that infected my tablet with a virus, that browser has become very faulty. Whenever I go into my Anti-virus software, I have an app log virus that keeps coming back. Whenever I diminish it, I still have no Wi-fi. I tried inserting someone elses SIM card into my tablet therefore I know it's not a defective unit.

    I even tried uninstalling Google chrome and wiping my data. I've been all over the internet and can't find a solution or even an overview of what's wrong. My tablet is rooted that that should give me some flexibility on what I can do. I even tried unrooting and it didn't help. So if there's any way you can help me or bring up something I haven't tried. That would please me greatly since I refuse to go to Sprint with this issue, I don't trust them at all.

    My SD card can't be detached and my battery cannot be unhooked. I wish this whole thing was just a horrible nightmare. I would at least like to know what the problem is. I also don't have a working computer.

    During the allotted time, I wrote a lot of stories, songs, and documented a year worth of my dreams. I'm not willing to try anything that would risk me losing any of that. If I activate mobile data, it puts me in a bootloop and wipes all my data. Besides, I only have 10MB (ads use up 2Mb+)

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  2. mikedt

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    It does sound like the WiFi is broken, a hardware failure, Samsung service required. You should be able to get your files off the tablet by connecting it to a computer via USB, but if you don't have a computer you can use USB OTG and copy the files directly to a USB thumb-drive.
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