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My samsung phone screen wont work

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Where are you DESTROYA, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Where are you DESTROYA

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    I have a Samsung galaxy s3 mini and I threw it at a wall (oops) and the screen is not smashed but it does not come on. I found out today that it does turn on, the (inappropriate) notifications still go off so it still connects to the internet, the back and menu buttons still work and light up, it still vibrates etc. but the screen doesn't come on. I don't know if it's touch responsive but I doubt it. sometimes a little purple mark appears for a few seconds where the logo would come on when I switch it on, but nothing else, leading me to believe I have disconnected whatever makes the screen work. I'm no expert, but is there anything I can do to fix this myself or do I need to pay someone to fix it?

  2. Slug

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    You may just have caused the ribbon cable from the mainboard to the LCD to become disconnected, but a heavy impact could well have damaged the latter. The former will be a much easier (and cheaper) fix.
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    As Slug mentioned it could just be the connector going from the display to the motherboard needs to be re-attached. This link (step 5) shows the connector/ribbon cable you should focus on - crack open your S3 mini, carefully pry the connector off, and then firmly press it back into place.
    Also, it could just be a matter of removing the battery will help. Some hardware glitch might be tied to your display issues so leaving the battery out for at least a couple of minutes isn't going to affect anything but might make a difference.
  4. Where are you DESTROYA

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    thanks for the help! I took apart my phone to find the flex cable still attached and upon further inspection I noticed lines behind the glass in the screen, which were invisible until I removed my screen protector. my dad is buying me a new screen to put on to fix it. thanks again!
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