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My SGS2 screen just went funny distorted colours?!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pia2989, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. pia2989

    pia2989 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just after sending a text my screen went purple / pink, all the colours were distorted.

    Turned on and off, seems to be ok now.

    Just worried in case this happens again - bought this phone privately and it's rooted so guess no chance it's covered under warrenty..

    Has this happened to anyone else?


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  2. Njd4

    Njd4 Member


    This happened to me too the other day as it was loading the market...
    Pressing the back key sorted mine and not had it since, touch wood.

    Screen went all pink for a split second.

    Mine was bought brand new on contract from phones 4 u, it's not rooted and is on android 2.3.4.

    Hope it doesn't return!
  3. Bizzie

    Bizzie Newbie

    I had something similar when i was on the android market, except it was lime green.

    I just turned the phone off and on again, expecting to see lime green start up animation but it was fine!

    Not sure what caused it though?

    My phone is 3 months old tops, bought new from Vodafone & running 2.3.5.

    Guess it is just a minor bug?
  4. dunjamon

    dunjamon Android Enthusiast

    Mine did exactly the same thing when i was loading up a game. Turned just the screen off and on and it's been fine since.

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