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my sister gave her Droid 3 to me

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by utaan, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. utaan

    utaan Lurker
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    I think the Droid 3( my sister owned it 8 months) is much better than my previous phone, but the battery life probably the only downside for me.I was having issues with my battery life. My friend told me the reason is that my stock battery was going to die... Then i bought a replacement battery from mpj and installed a app called Battery Defender as he suggested( not to sound like a commercial but it works I share it:)). It gone over one full day now with the wifi connected. Really LOVE my D3!

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  3. gaccha

    gaccha Lurker

    Hi, utaan. Droid 3 is an asesome phone and has been used it one year. Li-ion battery constant recharge cycles is around 500 times and the longevity is around 1 year. Glad to hear that a new battery helped. I am pretty satisfied with my droid 3 battery life but I also always carry a spare.

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