Root My smartphone is bricked :S


Hello, i am new here and today i have bricked my ZTE Blade.This was happen when i tryed to install CyanogenMod.When i was on the recovery screen on the clockworkmod recovery i have selected choose .zip file bla-bla-bla and i have selected the CyanogenMod rom zip file .When i installed it i rebooted my phone and i m stuck on the green Android Robot.

P.S Is this right that the CyanogenMod support Gen 2 Only?I installed it on gen 1.


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I think you'll find the people here will have specific knowledge about the rooting and flashing process for your phone.

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Cyanogen 7.0.1 and below are for Gen 1 handsets, anything above that is Gen 2.

Can you boot back into recovery again? If so, just copy an appropriate Cyanogen zip to your SD Card, then flash it again.

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You're not actually bricked though, bricked means it won't turn on at all. You can get into clockwork which is always a good thing (even if it's the wrong version of clockwork).

You can go to 2.3 in your state, but thinking about it, I'd rather get you up and working with a 2.2 ROM first, before we attempt the Gen 1 to Gen 2 thing.

In looking for the correct clockwork image file, I found this. If you use method 2, it will install the correct version of clockwork for you. Once clockwork is on, you can flash the 7.0.1 version of Cyanogen.

Give it a shot, let me know how you get on.