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my Sony Xperia S will not turn on

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Android Question, Sep 12, 2013.

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    well i havnt been using my Sony Xperia S for a few weeks because, it kept crashing, turning itself on & off. one day i woke up it was fine but i noticed the battery was draining quickly then it turned itself off. i put it on charge over night, i woke up in the night & checked my phone it turned on but it said it was on 14% battery when it had been on charge. i left it on charge for the rest of the night when i woke up it only got to 22% so i was just using my phone while it was on charge then i noticed the battery was draining while it was on charge. i decided to let the battery drain then someone mentioned a super reset thing on it so i looked it up online. it said the reset you hold the off button and the volume down button till the phone vibrates once, so i did it. then it said if that didn't woke do the same till it vibrates 3 times i did that and nothing happened so i left my fone in the draw for a couple of weeks now it isn't turning on at all. do you think you know what my problem is ??


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    If the phone has no charge, then charge it. If the phone will not charge using the wall charger or the computer via USB cable, then either the phone or the phone battery is bad and will need repair/replaced.

    The S has no user-accessible recovery mode. A proper repair company will have to repair it. Good luck.

    It's great to have you here :)

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