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My Sprint store Epic 4G Touch reservation experience

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Boins, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Boins

    Boins Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So today I decided to go to my local Sprint store to reserve the E4GT. When I get there, the employees were familiar with the phone and the release date of the 16th. However there was nothing in place to accept reservations.

    After some phone calls by an employee to another person, I was told that someone elsewhere was setting up their computers so reservations could be accepted. After about 20 minutes of waiting, I was able to place the $50 on each phone deposit and reserve 2 phones.

    After it was all said and done I thought this deposit guaranteed me 2 phones. I was told they would be available for me on release day but if I didn't pick em up THAT day I could lose them to a paying walk-in customer.

    This doesn't sound like a big deal but I can't get the phones until the 17th. So it will be pretty lame if I put a deposit down and have to wait for a 2nd shipment post launch.

    It seems like Samsung and Sprint didn't do a very good job working together to get this reservation process very smooth

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  2. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    Yeah thats pretty crummy. I think it should be something like a 3 day grace period, launch day and 2 days after to hold the phone.
  3. Exit24

    Exit24 Member

    I call Shenanigans on them.
  4. Boins

    Boins Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ^ That's what I think. I bet they didn't have a clue about this so called "reservation" process and just made up something so they could swipe my MasterCard.

    Well at least I got a receipt showing some payment toward the specific phone.

    Joke will be on them when I port our old phone numbers from AT&T and get $125 credit per line, bringing the phone costs to $75 each. AND they said they will buy our old iPhones for just $100 each, so in the long run Sprint will be PAYING ME to use these awesome phones! WooT!
  5. toolwarrior

    toolwarrior Well-Known Member

    I thought the port over credit was over..... :thinking:
  6. Boins

    Boins Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That's what they want you to think. The Sprint guy told me that it is still in effect but they don't advertise it. They will honor it if you mention it or have knowledge of it though.

    Here's a link:
    Move your number to Sprint. Get a $125 service credit.
  7. 2strokenut

    2strokenut Well-Known Member

    Sell your iPhones on Craigslist. I've seen 3gs go for over 200.
  8. Holty

    Holty Lurker

    I am in the hope that radio shack will carry it the same day. i recently purchased a photon and im not really happy with it. the problem is that my 30 return policy ends the 10th. i was hoping the sept 9th would come true but they decided to ruin my day yesterday and announce the 16th as the launch. My question is, would it work to return my photon for the evo 3d and then when the sg2 comes out, return the evo and get what i wanted in the first place.
  9. supsandroid

    supsandroid Newbie

    You mean exchanging the photon for the 3d? your "30" days trial does not reset when you exchange phones. it still goes by the original purchase/upgrade date. You would have to return the photon. Buy the 3d, and then echange the 3d for the SGSII. That will cost you $35.00 each time for a total of $70.00.
    So basically it will be $70.00 for you to get a SGSII for 200.
  10. Holty

    Holty Lurker

    if what you say is true that the 30 days does not reset. then i would still be passed the 30 days when the sg2 does come to radio shack. if it costs be an additional $70 for the phone i want, then well worth it for me.
  11. supsandroid

    supsandroid Newbie

    OR if you have a sprint phone you can use in the meantime, just return your photon and wait for the SGSII. But the way your talking about it it sounds like you dont have a backup phone

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