My stylo 5 hacked


Android Expert
How to tell what?
If it is hacked?

What makes you think it is hacked?

You have to tell us what is going on, before we can give any advice.

FYI, it is exceedingly rare for an Android device to be 'hacked'.

The vast majority of people that think they have been hacked are either misinterpreting normal system apps/behavior or else they have downloaded some app that exhibits some sort of malware.

FWIW, Google Play Store has provided tons of apps with malware of some sort or other.

So, in order for us to help diagnose the issue, we have to know what the symptoms are first.


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
How do I fix my stylo 5? Been haked cause when I go to system apps it shows double apps. Settings keep changing and phone is doing crazy stuff
first off it is hacked not haked.

second, just because there are things happening on your phone that seems odd does not mean you have been hacked.

your best bet is to do a factory reset. this will wipe your phone of any bugs or issues you may have had. and even if you were actually "hacked", a reset will wipe any intrusion on your phone.
Mine is doing same things. passwords get changed right after i change them, my screen flashes around the edges. ,my calls will say forwarded and they will be real staticy?(sp), emails are getting opened that i havent seen yet, yahoo and gmail, my apps get deleted or reinstalled if i delete them. my facebook is one of the worst. I have friends i didnt know i had, i have dating profiles now and im not single. my pictures disappeear then reappear.I have wierd audio clips and pictures of nothing so i now have stickers on my camersa and audio shut off for everything. i have my phone in a black makeup bag that you cant' see through and thats id i even have it on. Now please tell me im crazy????