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General My thoughts on the ally. (I am 14)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mitchell4500, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Jul 24, 2010

    Jul 24, 2010
    Here is my little story about how I feel about android and the ally. I'm 14 years old so be prepared for my inmaturity.

    Ever since I was 7 I always thought phones were cool. How you can carry arround a litte device to do just about everything. Phones have changed a lot from then and I always had very basic phones. I alway wanted a smartphone but getting my dad to let me get that was crazy talk. I eventually got the 10 dollar texting plan on my env. My next phone was the palm centro wich at the time did not require a data plan. When I started to stuggle in school (mostly from being lazy) my parents offered me a money incentive for my grades. Magicly I did better. So I decided to use this towards data service. After a month of that on my palm centro I wanted a new phone. I convinced my dad to let me get one. I wanted the ally because it was cheap and it has android. Iv payed for the phone and I'm paying for data service.

    The ally has a nice design nuch diffrent from the current droid series. I persoanlly do not like the droids. The ally feature a nice clean keyboard with access to all the buttons at once. The screen is a good size and the crammera is pretty solid. Overall great.

    The ally has 512mb of ram fpr system and grapics. This limits its performance for games and heavy stuff. The ally hasent been confirmed for the 2.2 update wich is very sad. We recived frimware upgrades that fix some bugs but still don't meet the 2.2 standars we want.

    Overall the ally is a good phone but is held back by android 2.2. there is great potential for this phone.

    Android is a awesome os that out of the box is custimizable. An app store and the ability to download apps is great. It can do anything the iphone can and probably more. Android also has a cute little robot guy.

    Smethings on android don't make sence. For example the multitasking menus. And the lags between landscape and portiat screens. Also android seems to love the idea of search. Every app there is there is some sort of search feature. Its useful but stange. Android 2.1 currently lacks the standard ability to wifi tether. You must root for this wich is now harder to do on v9 frimware.

    That was my cheesy review on the ally and I even typed it on the ally. So now my thumbs hurt. Goodbye :)


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