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General My Thoughts So far....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by randy10786, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. randy10786

    randy10786 Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 22, 2010
    I've only had it 2 days, but the ONLY problem I have so far is data is slow in my area(not exactly a small town, about 70-80 thousand people). I mostly get EDGE around town, and that really gets annoying when you're trying to pull up a webpage or download an app. I get almost no service in the Walmart I work at where Verizon got like maybe 2 bars(not a big difference overall). But I have yet to have a problem with a phone call dropping or anything. With Verizon I had a dropped call frequently, prob at least once every 2 or 3 days. My fiance who lives about 40 miles from me says she loves it because she gets 3G now, where she could only get 1X on Verizon.

    So do I regret the switch? Not really. We were being raped by Verizon on our monthly bill and we're saving at least $50(maybe even $60) this way. Sure, data may be slow where Im at, but it has to improve sometime. Plus, I only live about 30 minutes away from Kansas City and 4G speeds! And really, all I care about is the call quality and no more dropped calls.

    Anyone else's opinion on it? I'd love to hear what other people's take on it is.


  2. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Jan 31, 2010
    My sister in law just bought one and I rooted it tonight. It's definitely decent. I've got the fascinate currently (Thunderbolt on the way :D) so it's not much different. I did notice that with the TW launcher (while it still sucks IMO), the app drawer automatically rearranges the apps by name is a NICE change.

    Didn't add a flash for the camera and I just don't get this considering the Fascinate and Epic have the flash.

    Still no notification light...HELLO SAMSUNG...people like this feature. Not understanding that at all either.

    But it's a Galaxy S device...it's got a great screen, it's light, it's very thin, so it's definitely not a bad device. Just wish Samsung would have taken this opportunity to address more than just adding a 4G radio...
  3. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2011
    I like mine. I also have a Galaxy 3 and the larger brighter screen on the 4G is really a plus. I can get 4g - at least the symbol is on the phone, but I'm usually using my own wifi. Skype only works on wifi anyway - at least on Android. My Nokia would have used it both network and wifi.
    Battery life is fairly decent for such a smartphone.
    Being able to run apps off the SD card is a plus. I've got a mess of star charts, geology guides, Audobon guides on the phone. I can turn that phone into a jack of all trades. Which means that I can also add specialty photography guides, grab my Panasonic FZ8 or Canon 20D and tripod and be all set.
    I'm just not enamored of all the junk on the phone.
  4. Droymac

    Droymac Member

    Mar 17, 2011
    I'm liking mine so far, too...my only complaint is the slow data speeds, I live in Portland, OR and average about 1.5mbps on 4G. That's more of a carrier issue, though, I assume. Otherwise, great device!

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