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My Tracks: A simple GPS tracking app with multiple uses

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tobiasg, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. tobiasg

    tobiasg Newbie
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    Nov 9, 2009
    Video Review & Walkthrough

    YouTube - MyTracks.mov

    A simple app that allows you to use the GPS in your phone to track your movements. Perfect for the runner, cyclist or anyone else that wants the statistics on their wanderings from point A to Point B.

    Launch the program and you are presented with your location on Google map. Pressing menu gives you the option of recording your track. The App keeps track of all your normal stats - time, speed, avg speed, elevation gained, max/min grade etc. It also draws your track on the map and creates a elevation profile with a speed/pace overlay.


    The App offers neat integration with Google Docs and Google Maps. When you upload your track to Google the activity type you entered in the track details is used to determine which spreadsheet to add the activity too. As you complete multiple activities of one type they all end up in the same spreadsheet AND google generates a summary of your stats. [​IMG] You are not limited to the activity types suggested by the app and as long as your are consistent in your activity type useage you can see your combined stats for those activities. When you upload to Google Docs you also have the option of sharing your track on a map. The end point of your track on the map contains an image of your elevation profile as well as the stats of the activity.
    Further options allow exporting and or emailing as gpx, kml, or a link to the Google map.

    -Simple map tracking app with plenty of stats
    -Wonderful integration with Google Docs/Maps
    -Easy to use as "where am I/Where did I park my car" app

    -No terrain view in maps
    -No offline Maps/Caching of Maps
    -No widget for easy starting/stopping of recording
    -No Pause

    The app started as part of Google's 20% project and has now gone open source, will be interesting to see the future developments

    Competitors -
    Cardio & Runkeeper both of which force you to use their website for data display but offer calories burned and a nicer fit & finished app.

    And Finally a tip for battery life, if you just want it to record the track and do not need the mapping function or the use of the phone while it is recording you can put your phone into airplane mode after it gets your location. It is important that you wait until it has your location via GPS and you have started to record the track before you put your phone into airplane mode - on some android phones there is a bug that keeps the phone from getting a GPS lock if it is in Airplane mode


  2. dkdev

    dkdev Lurker

    Dec 6, 2011
    It's not exactly a widget (yet), but I wrote "Quick Tracks" for easy starting/stopping of My Tracks recording:


    Since the app is so straightforward to use, I'm not sure if widget behavior is needed, since it would increase the chances of accidental taps. Please let me know what you think.

  3. ResidualSol

    ResidualSol Lurker

    Dec 13, 2011
    Hi, is there any way to use the GPS tracking for biking/ running without having to use a dataplan? I'm guessing this would imply using something else than google maps? Is there an separate app for this or maybe a tracking app that does this already? Many thanks.

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