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My Tracks app takes forever to load/save a 680 mile route

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by shankar96, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. shankar96

    shankar96 Lurker
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    Mar 25, 2009

    Mar 25, 2009
    Another new member here.. Got a question about My Tracks app..

    My Tracks is one of the best apps I've ever come through.. I record
    most of my trips to almost anywhere ! Recently, I've been on a 680-
    mile trip from Rapid City, SD to Omaha NE. The app recorded the track
    just fine, but when I got back I tried to write the track to the SD
    card. That took forever. However, I did save the track to the phone.
    Now, when I try to load the map, or save the map as a gpx file, it
    takes forever. I just let it load the map for a full day, and it
    loaded just half of it. But it sure is making progress very slow. I
    was wondering if there was an upper limit to how long we could record
    our trips.. Or, is there an easier way to save the maps rather than
    ask the app to write all the data to a file ? I cannot send the file
    to Google maps either.

    From what I found, a 15-mile trip took about 0.2MB of space for a gpx
    file. That would mean a 700-mile trip would take about 10 MB of GPX
    data. Anyone know how the app works when dealing with such huge
    amounts of data ? I forgot to mention that the phone keeps telling me
    that the app is not responding. After asking to wait every time it
    asks me, I got it to load half the track on the map. Is there a
    location on the phone that the app uses to save the dumps, and load it
    from there when we ask it to load ? Can we go to that location, and
    get that data and save it ourselves ?

    Not that this data is very important, but I'd really like to know the
    limits so I'll breakdown my route into parts next time..


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