"My Traks" statistics oddity

Either I'm having a senior moment or the way that My Tracks presents its data is incorrect.

I went for two walks today. The data below is copied straight from 'my maps' once I had uploaded my tracks to Google.

Total Distance: 2.61 km (1.6 mi)
Total Time: 23:04
Moving Time: 22:56

Average Pace: 8.84 min/km (14.2 min/mi)

Average Moving Pace: 8.78 min/km (14.1 min/mi)

Min Pace: 1.76 min/km (2.8 min/mi)

Min Elevation: 89 m (293 ft)
Max Elevation: 121 m (397 ft)

Elevation Gain: 68 m (223 ft)

Max Grade: 0 %

Min Grade: 0 %

Recorded: Wed Nov 25 12:02:45 GMT+01:00 2009

Total Distance: 2.78 km (1.7 mi)

Total Time: 23:15

Moving Time: 23:11

Average Pace: 8.38 min/km (13.5 min/mi)

Average Moving Pace: 8.35 min/km (13.4 min/mi)
Min Pace: 2.77 min/km (4.5 min/mi)

Min Elevation: 95 m (313 ft)

Max Elevation: 112 m (366 ft)
Elevation Gain: 69 m (227 ft)
Max Grade: 0 %

Min Grade: 0 %
Recorded: Wed Nov 25 12:27:56 GMT+01:00 2009

The thing that I am questioning is 'Min Pace' on both walks.
I walked briskly for both but even though I speeded up on my second trip I'm pretty sure that a minimum pace of 4.5 mins per mile is pretty much beyond even me running for last orders!

Ideas? I have done a bit of googling and found nothing so I really am beginning to think I'm having a senior moment. Surely I am not the first to spot this. Or am I reading the abbreviations wrong?