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Root My trials and triumphs with great results

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boondox22, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. boondox22

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    Sep 16, 2012

    Sep 16, 2012
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    Hi, i have been a triumph user and reader of this forum since it came out and i bought it. I had some tips that may have been discussed but here are some of my trials and errors.

    I am using SysTune with surprising results. Mostly messing around with the Renice Processes tab to put processes such as my launcher and android system down to -15 and then all processes in priority from there. It has greatly improved my performance. Right now im using the CM7 beta tester rom number 1. I have my phone OC to 1700 with interactive min 245. One thing that i can't figure out is that my calendar storage on this rom uses the most battery and cpu time and the Wi-Fi forgets its AP occasionally.

    I have been messing with this phone for months and i think this is the most responsive i have gotten it. I also have a 32gb 30Mbs sdcard i use ram expander with mix results but putting that at a higher priority and using a smaller swap helped. I also tweaked it out by replacing default apps such as messenger with go sms and removing the system programs completely. I usually have about 150Mb free ram on average. It took while to get the right swappiness etc so i keep free ram and have all i need running *still in progress.

    I was using go power master, and most of the go apps, but i removed them all but the launcher and sms. I found i can modify the notification bar to use instead of the go switch widget. I use battery drain analyzer instead of go power ,much smaller and i like how it displays info. I did replace the android keyboard with swift key 3 i cant type and it has great spell checking and prediction.

    As for my thoughts on the 2000mah batterie, i bought one from amazon few weeks ago, it runs completely cool compared to stock and definitely keeps my phone going all day with heavy use. So far so good. I paid 20 for it to get from us but i know you can buy them from overseas i just didn't want to wait.

    Some other tweaks i used were the recommend tweaks from systuner, i raised the cache for sdcard read and write to 8Mb. I use startup manager to keep the start up speed as fast as possible, most applications will load anyway when used. I use the animated weather widget on home screen , its the only widget i have but i love the look *it also is the biggest battery drainer.

    I have the touch version of the recovery manager by Teamwin, its awesome and useful as i find myself flashing, restoring, backing up many times a day. I keep a backup of cm7, 9, and 10 and with all my tweaks ready to be restored if i mess up too bad. I usually just clean install and wipe everything including the system. I use the grey Motorola boot logo and the animated live dmesg which is cool it shows the actual text start up.

    This is all i can think of so far, feel free to ask any questions,I will add more at another time. I been trying to help with the issues to help get us camera etc. I'm no pro but learning a lot *probably not enough to do anything but I try. I love to get the most out of any hardware and software i tweak everything i have, I would even try overclocking my microwave if i could. Sorry bout this long post I'm tired , someday ill try to summarize it.


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