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My true opinion on this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hippie1620, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. hippie1620

    hippie1620 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm prolly going to get kicked off this forum for this but here's my opinion on this event being my introduction to android. Bleep THIS PHONE AND ITS Bleeping CRASHING AND FREEZING AND ITS LW Bleeping SPACE EVEN THO I PUT EVERYTHING ON THE Bleeping SD CARD. Bleep THE GODAMN AUTOCORECT. ITS A CHEAP ASSED PEICE OF SHIT. DONT Bleeping BUY ONE. Bleep THE EVENT. Bleep ANDROID. Bleep MY PICS THAT KEEP Bleeping COMING BACK, Bleep VIRGIN MOBILE. IM GOINGBACK TO IOS AND SWITCHING TO STRAIGHTTALK. Bleep THE BULLSHIT. IOS WITH A JAILBREAK WILL TOP THE DUMB SHIT ANYDAY....:eek::thinking::mad::what::banghead::thumbdown::thinking::eek:

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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Very sorry to hear of your experiences with your Event, hippie1620 :(.

    (note: I did make a few edits above to soften the asterisk blast ;) :)).

    I'm guessing your forays w/root didn't help (I saw that you rooted with Poot)? I'm not familiar with all of the rooting options that are available for your device that might help, but that might be too much to hope for at this point.

    It almost sounds like some devices nowadays are just being stretched too far to have Android 4.x installed on them with the hardware platform they're given to run on.

    Don't give up on Android just because of issues w/one particular device :). But I do understand and get your frustration. If you do leave Android for iOS and someday return to Android, please keep us in mind :).

    Cheers and best of luck to you.
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  3. hippie1620

    hippie1620 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yea I should know better than to give my opinions when im angry.lol.. sorry for creating the extra work for ya. I am discusted with this for tho... it does nothing right. My only other foray into Android was with idroid and with an old 3g you can imagine how well that went. I'd consider a higher end phone but then again I dont want to run into the same issues related to OS I have now and be out the $$$ I just dropped.... I've a lot to learn about tweaking Android. And making it do exactly what I want whereas IOs I found it? Easier...
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  4. Lmfao nothing is wrong with phone given the best two phones for those who actually know what their doing on VMs lineup is Elite and Event.Higher end are loaded with features but this where the vast majority are oblivious forementioned equates to higher batt consumption to use them.Based on your review I can tell your trying to use this phone still retaining stock but expect more not going to happen from inception all phones out the box are bogged down in bloatware meaning higher RAM use and slower phone.Use Rom Toolbox and uninstall apps you yourself know is safe to remove never freeze given RAM use is still there
  5. luxedesignnyc

    luxedesignnyc Newbie

    Um MY true opinion? I just sent this off to KYOCERA actually...

    Alright as a phone developer, I want to tell Kyocera something FLAT OUT. I decided to purchase a $35 Kyo Event thinking it would be a suitable device for development, meaning that I'll probably use it for a week or two and then I simply switch off to another phone usually.

    Guys, this is the stupidest crap - I have ever purchased - probably, I am glad it was about $30 - but you probably won't get my next $30 and the next $30 after that even... but Samsung probably WILL. Why?

    For the life of me I would love to know why Kyocera has locked the bootloaders of the KC02US phones - I can do little if I can't flash a custom recovery image. And seriously... the USD isn't that spectacular to the Yen that it matters to lock a sub $50 phone series like the KC02US? If fact, I would even suggest it's more profitable to KYO to ENABLE me and PLENTY of others, to do that - at that kind of price point - I'd probably go ahead and brainlessly continue to buy KYO phones on a bi-weekly basis even? But right now, hell no way will I buy another P.O.S Kyocera phone - I wouldn't have gotten this one if I knew it had a LOCKED bootloader - at the $30 price point, another $15-$20 and I would have had a much better phone I could flash over and over. I'm happy to flash it till it's bricked probably, and go get another one...

    Meanwhile Samsung? I am a registered developer with Samsung? They have a great policy, any device under warranty without physical damage? Developers get FREE reflashes no questions asked - regardless of device rooting, they even cover shipping free - even if it's totally my fault - and due to that? I'll buy a $200+ Samsung device and not think TWICE guys.
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  6. hippie1620

    hippie1620 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    What? Half that don't even make sense... Anyway. I'm no fool... Far from it in fact. So yea Titanium Backup will also uninstall bloatware. And is what I used. Also has the freeze feature so you can make sure you can uninstall. lol But for Christ sake. The phone freaks out getting phone calls. I have to remove stuff for it to be used as phone? But there's nothing wrong with it? Come on really? Oh yea don't try to shut it down, half the time it restarts on its own. Never, never, never try to play a simple game like say Crime City. It'll take 45 minutes to start... Or tell me there's no net access when I'm on the same wifi with computer... Go back to cell service and get the same message... Freezes and crashes are the norm not the exception. Don't matter how much ram I have free.

    My opinion stands... This phone is JUNK. PERIOD.:smokingsomb:
  7. I have this phone for 2 months and its only froze once and thats cuz i tried to run a game when i had alot of apps running. i haven't rooted it.
  8. So, are you saying you would not recomend this phone?
  9. Personally I think its a kick ass little phone. It is my root experiment you could say! This is the first android I have rooted andhonestly I would like to know what kind of fun little tweaks I can do with it. I rooted it using Poot and of course have Superuser and Rootcheck basic installed. Also Rom Toolbox. So please anyone, I would really love to start playing with the cool little toys I spent hours trying to find and download!
  10. CheeseNark

    CheeseNark Lurker

    Unfortunately I bought the Event last night at Target for $40 (Using it to post this) and learned that you can no longer use poot to root anymore on the newest Event's. I continually get the error "There is an problem parsing the package". I have USB debugging enabled, Allowed installation of unknown apps, Installed Ministro 2, Super User and several different versions of poot with no success.

    However before I bricked it I had the Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro that I purchased 8 months ago which I successfully rooted with the poot method.

    I have not tried any other methods to root and maybe I'm doing something wrong but if you or anyone else has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

    Otherwise as an stock phone it's performed exceptionally well for $40. The only issues so far are keyboard lag, occasionally wifi will not respond until you restart the phone and crap battery life. However if I could gain root and remove bloatware it would solve 90% of its problems.

  11. I rooted my Event using poot. What issue are you having?
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  12. Bill3600

    Bill3600 Lurker

    Got my Event used from Ebay $17 free ship, almost new condition. I've been messing with it for the last several days but I finally got it rooted about an hour ago via the poot / superuser process. I have no idea what was finally the determining factor but there it is.

    P.S. Thanks for a great forum!!

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  13. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Welcome to our AndroidForums, Bill, and congratulations on getting rooted :thumbup: :).

    Kudos and credit to giantpune for his poot rooting method--glad it worked for you.

  14. Bill3600

    Bill3600 Lurker

    Thanks a bunch for the kudos, Scary! You know, I was thinking ... where I said I had no idea? Well I think I do know a deciding factor now. It was not following Poot's suggestion to reboot after an error 22, which I got a bunch of until I did it and then it rooted! Oh well, live and learn (again) I guess!
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  15. Robbedd

    Robbedd Newbie

    I hear there is minority that still have a working phone after a year. You must truly be blessed!
    But I'm with the majority who have a brick in 2-6 months.

    After 5 months, mine froze. Did a reboot, and got a dozen crash messages. Rebooted again and it froze at VM splash screen.
    Tried leaving it on overnight to see if it would eventually make it to the lock screen, but no luck. Removed the battery, no luck.
    Made it into the recovery screen 3 times. First 2 times tried reboot and wipe cache, no luck.
    Third time I tried a factory reset, and that bricked it. It now does a continuous reboot at the Event startup screen.
    I can no longer reach the recovery screen, and have no access to it when I plug it into my computer.

    So I figure I'll take advantage of the 1 year warranty, only to get a runaround. Kyocera flat out said NO!, and said I must contact VM according to their contract. Virgin Mobile verified it was dead, and said I must deposit $35 into my account as payment, and when authorized I would have to send it back at my expense.

    What a ripoff! A 100 year warranty would be just as useful if I have to pay more than the phone costs to get it repaired under warranty!

    Never again at any price Kyocera and Virgin Mobile. You sell worthless phones, knowing full well you can make a profit even off of warranty repair. CROOKS

    Update: My brother had actually bought 2 phones at target and sold me one. His phone also died EXACTLY like mine, within 2 weeks of each other. That's a 100% failure rate within 5 months for his purchase... It's almost like these things are programmed to die on cue!
    #15 Robbedd, May 21, 2015
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
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  16. Robbedd

    Robbedd Newbie

    After over a month of nasty emails, it appears one of my comments actually made it to Kyocera. They were unaware that VM was not living up to their contract. Christina.Vasquez@kyocera.com went in search of a replacement phone, since their corporate office did not actually stock phones.. So my phone was indeed replaced.

    I won't guarantee you the same results, as it took me a great deal of time and effort.
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  17. Bill3600

    Bill3600 Lurker

    Well, I'm still using mine and I only have one problem with it. I can't get a voice icon (mic) in my on-screen keyboard. I can use it from the Google widget on my home screen but not from any app that uses a keyboard. Still trying to resolve that issue but so far no luck. Other than that, mine works fine for everything I've tried (knock on wood)!
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