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My Verizon christmas rant.

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by Crude, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Crude

    Crude Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Can I just say I hate Verizon without sounding like I'm complaining. Their customer service people are clueless to Verizon promotions, they do not have the same training and Verizon does not give them the tools they need to keep their customers happy. That being said, Verizon's website is worse. It works intermittently, loads slower then molasses in January and at random changes the output to various queries. I have no love for Verizon this Christmas.

    Mind you I do not, I repeat do not fault their CSR's. I know they are underpaid for the type of work they do. I have love for the CSR's, after all I spent 3 hours on the phone with them this week sorting out the mess Verizon got me into.

    I did end up staying with Verizon for two more years, ONLY, and I am serious as a heart attack ONLY because they had a phone this year with out Verizons bloat ware STD's. If Verizon is listening: Know you are on thin ice.

    Merry Christmas!!:p


  2. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    What specifically set you off? Your rants usually outline what happened.
  3. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    Yes, please tell us. What was the mess Verizon got you into that the CSR's couldn't get you out of? :thinking:
  4. Crude

    Crude Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It's a list of things that have been accumulating for a while.
    It started off with a Samsung fascinate with BING and bloatware all over it and poor signal issues on voice calls. Then mysteriously this summer data was intermittent. But there is nothing Verizon wanted to do other then sell me a new phone.

    Then I had a friend stop by with his charge and while his 3g is sporadic like mine his 4g is awesome! So I figured I'd try a 4g phone. I see that Amazon has the nexus for $189.99 if you are a new customer only. Verizon apparently could care less about their current customers since the best price I could find was $239 for existing customers. Since the phone idea was supposed to be a Christmas present for my wife and I and amazon was back ordered I decided I might as well go through verizon and get their 2day fedex serivce. I started on monday and talked with a CSR for an hour about my situation and she ended up getting a $50 credit on one line from her supervisor and noting it on my account, because I needed to go to work. The next day the CSR has no note on my account and wouldn't honor the credit. Meanwhile I get on Verizons website and realize that my wifes line though not the primary gets a $40 credit on her nexus. So I call back and an astonished CSR doesn't believe me. So we go through "what I clicked on" till he see's the same price I do....amazed he tells me that's and online price only and there's nothing he can do.

    So I relented and decided I would just order them online. Around midnight that day I started with my line and the upgrade went fine. My wifes line, not so much. The website got stuck in a loop where it would ask what line I wanted to upgrade-> I would select her line and it asked me what phone to upgrade to-> I would select the nexus and click next and it would again ask me what line I wanted to upgrade.

    Frustrated I called verizon and being that it was after 11pm no one could help me until the next day. After a little thought I remembers the chat button on on the website during the process. So I started over and when I saw the chat I clicked it and waited. Once some one started typing I told them what was wrong and was told they couldn't help me with technical issues.....

    Realizing this was the only was to surprise my wife for christmas I tried one more time and mysteriously it worked. All I needed was to add the extended battery to the cart aaaaaaaand... it's gone? I ordered the phone, again so it would be here by christmas and called Verizon the next day about the battery. It's out of stock...imagine that but after waiting a little bit they located one in a store about 45 min away. After hanging up I confirmed with the store they would have a battery for me in 45min when I got there and that there was indeed a %50 off promotion. Doubtful the lady looked into her system to see if there really was a discount on the battery and was shocked to see indeed there was! Thankfully she held onto it until I could get down there and pick it up.

    Some where in the middle of all this I decided my parents that are on my plan should be on their own plan. So we visited the local store to sign the transfer of liability and the District Manager that I caught was clueless about the battery promotion so I was father amazed that some part of this now 4 day process worked the way it was supposed to.

    After all was said and done I got an email with a tracking number. For giggles I figured I might as well make sure everything was correct and that the phones weren't going to Alaska or some thing. To my horror the scheduled arrive date is dec 27 even though the order was placed at midnight on the 22nd.

    There is no way I would have placed that order if I had know that was what would happen....so I'm saying, if there is a hiccup in service over the next 2 years I will switch to cans and a string before I renew with Verizon but for now the red devil owns my soul for the next two years.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but you did ask for it...lol.:D

    ps: I ordered cases from incipio right after the phones and they just got delivered.:rolleyes:

  5. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    That really was a comedy of errors. I'm sorry for laughing but I can just picture you being so mad.

    The sad part is that I'm not convinced that changing carriers will help. I can empathize though.
  6. Crude

    Crude Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Honestly, I'm not even mad...I'm exhausted and relieved it's done. But that's two things customer service should never be. I know Verizon reads these boards that's the ONLY reason I posted this.
  7. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    Yes, CSR sucks for big companies. It's not so much the workers but the companies. They go through a canned script they read to customers most of the time. While being laid off in 2010, I did some temp CSR work for a contractor who was representing Comcast Cable, it was terrible. When a customer called about an issue, our options was to run through a few solutions and if it didn't solve a picture issue, set up a truck call to come to their home. We wasn't allowed to try our best to solve their issues.

    Just a thought!

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