my wife and my dinc


Android Expert
Just thought I'd relate my funny interaction with my wife. I have a sf and a dinc while she was rocking a palm pre plus. She used to have an og droid but her friend had a pre and she wanted it so i got i had sold the droid and got her that.

Anyway, her pre wasnt working and she wanted to switch phones again and since my inc wasnt in use as my primary phone this week, im currently using my sf, she asked for that. As much as I dont like sharing you dont say no to your wife :rolleyes:. My inc is running skyraider 3.3 so I reflashed it to rid my google account from it and load hers and i changed kernels to kings just for my own amusement and ran a few quadrants for the heck of it.

When I got home yesterday she was asking me how to play "this quadrant game" (in the past whenever i ran to simplify things i just said it was a game rather than explain benchmarks). she had clicked on it and clicked run full benchmark and thought you had to move the screen around to play. She said she wasnt sure what she was doing but her score was higher than the others. I just laughed and explained what it is to her and she got a little red in the face.

just thought that was kinda funny :D

edit: changed the title cuz its sounded dirty!