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Mar 26, 2010
Ok so I've been using mybackup root for awhile now. I installed the new bamf 2.0 test 3 today. When I open up mybackup root it says I must be rooted to use it but other root programs are operating normally so I'm still rooted. Not a big deal I figured I've been using it long enough I'll shell out $5 and get mybackup pro. So I get that and use it to restore my apk's + data, only problem with that is it restored the apk's but not the data. I did it again and double checked what it said at the summary and it says all data and apk's have been restored. Anyone with any ideas on what the hell is going on here. If I didn't plan so many games where your status is tracked I could care less but I don't want to have to beat everything over again. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
Go into Superuser and make sure you didn't accidentally deny su access. Outside of that I would suggest removing MyBackup Root and reinstall it.
Yep that was the first thing I check was that su was allowed on it and then I uninstalled and then reinstalled and got the same error. I purchased the mybackup pro which works on non-rooted devices and like I said it would install the apk's but not the data for those apps. You think it could have something to do with bamf 2.0 seeing how I've never had an issue using this before? I don't know I think I'm screwed.
I don't think it's bamf because I just loaded bamf 2.0 beta 3 about two hours ago coming from bamf 1.5. And I used MyBackup Pro as well. I would wipe data and cache and dalvik and then reinstall bamf.
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That was gonna be my next step if there wasn't an easier route. I think I'm gonna wait till I get home seeing how I get off here in a little bit. Thank you for your advice sir.