MyBackup Pro ISSUES...

I was having a problem with my phone. After talking to Samsung Live Chat Support for a good hour, they told me to perform a factory reset. I have had MyBackup Pro for a while and decided to backup EVERYTHING. Data, applications & media to my local external SD card. After performing the factory reset, I tried to restore all of that back. I got contacts and photos. But I'm missing my music(over 500 full songs), and my applications. When I tap View applications, my apps are still there, but I cannot get them back. I'm more worried about the music.
What can I do?


Android Expert
Hmm, that's really strange that you got your photos back, but not your music. Both the photos and the music should have already been stored on your SD card (there's really no reason to backup photos, it just makes an extra copy) and MyBackup doesn't backup music so that should still be on your SD card unless you reformatted it (but that wouldn't make sense since you still have your photos).

Are you sure you clicked the "All Apps" button when you ran the backup? Your photos and contacts would have been saved whether or not you used Mybackup Pro, so as of now it appears that either you didn't backup, or you haven't restored your backup.

FYI, if your phone wasn't rooted then you didn't lose much. Mybackup Pro doesn't save app data unless you are rooted, so it's no different than if you just went back to the market and re-downloaded all of them (except it would be faster of course). Furthermore, the next time you log in to the app market after wiping the phone, you could just check your "my apps" section and it would show the full list of apps that you had previously downloaded to your phone (but that applies only to the immediate login following the wipe).

Well, lets try this...
- Go to the market and download ES file explorer.
For the Apps - Open it and browse through the main list. Look and see if you can find a folder called "rerware". Open it, then open "Mybackup", then open "AllAppsBackups". Check the contents of the folder in there and see if you can find the "Apps" folder with everything that you previously backed up. If it's not there, then you didn't run the backup properly before you wiped.
- Once you are finished with that, hit the back button repeatedly until you leave the app.
Now for the music - Open ES file explorer again and browse through the folders (not opening any of them) until you find where you initially saved your music. Check and see if it's still there.