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MySpace Mobile: Quicker is not always better

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Omaroid, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Omaroid

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    The Goods
    Well i've been using the Myspace App since well lets just say G1. It has improved in many ways and become more and more close to the actual myspace.com. We now see the newest features like Status Updating which allows you to change your status and emoticon. Another is Friend Status and Updates which allows you to check you friends status and comment them as you please. Direct uploading photos is a big not only can you upload picture from the Myspace App but it is now intergrated into the native Photos App to directly upload pictures to Myspace.com.

    The Bads
    Well lets just say this load up times are basically ridiculous when your not on a Wifi network. Myspace App has many "Force Closes" (if i had a nickel for each time i'd.....). Let also say that you're events, notifications, and new friends alerts are still not a part of the inbox alert in the app. Lets also point out that if you log out, let someone else use the app, and then log back in their display name and status is still in your home.

    Okay well for mobile network use definitely just go to m.myspace.com from your browser. If you're on Wifi the go ahead you'll somewhat of a smooth ride. I'm just gonna say Myspace you got alot of debugging and fix-in's to do before this app is up to your own standards. I give Myspace App a 6/10 on the Omaroid Scale.


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