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Mysterious SIM card disappearance with ROMs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kris10yager, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. kris10yager

    kris10yager Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have been so grateful for the ROMs posted by gblues and Ahrtard, as well as for the help finding stock firmware to restore my phone back to factory specs. Unfortunately, I've had some bad luck.

    First, I rooted my phone and installed a bunch of things, including Root Explorer, in order to solve the terrible space issues of this Gravity "Smart." I then moved something I shouldn't have and messed everything up pretty well, to the point where I just scrapped it and tried to reset the phone back to its original factory settings using help from gblues. That resulted in my phone not recognizing any networking capability at all. Had to do something new.:(

    Next, I installed version 1.1 of gblues' ROM. Everything worked except access to settings, a problem encountered by a few other posters, so that had to go.:(

    Then, I installed version 1.0 of gblues' ROM. Everything went swimmingly except that my phone said there's no SIM card.:thinking:

    I then wiped everything and went back to the factory settings, believing that possibly my problem the last time there had something to do with screwing up the sd card partitioning or something. No SIM card, again.:mad:

    Lastly, I've successfully installed Ahrtard's ROM. Runs great...still no SIM card.:eek:

    WHAT THE &%$# has happened? I even called T-Mobile to ask if my account had been frozen or something. I didn't mention the hacking I'd been doing, so they just say it's a faulty SIM card and that's that. I don't believe it. I never touched the thing during all this foolish tinkering.

    Can anyone out there help me? If you, too, believe it's a bad SIM card, do you think I could walk into a T-Mobile store and get a new SIM card without revealing that I'd hacked the phone? Do I have to do yet another overhaul to make it appear that the phone is in factory-set conditions?

    I should have known that with my luck, this process was not going to go well. Thanks in advance, people. I need help.

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  2. gblues

    gblues Member

    I cannot speak for Ahrtard, but I know my ROM does not modify anything related to the SIM card. I would flash back to stock using ODIN, erase all user data, and treat it like a random hardware failure--which is probably all it is. If a new SIM does not resolve, service the phone under warranty (and don't admit to any hacking).
  3. gblues

    gblues Member

    Can you try following my revised formatting instructions to re-partition your SD card and version 1.25, and see if that helps your SIM issue?

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