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mystery MMS mesg; virus?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thenickboy, May 27, 2010.

  1. thenickboy

    thenickboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey all,

    I got a mysterious MMS mesg this morning from an iphone-having acquaintance. I rarely talk to this person, except thru FB.

    the mesg came in at 4-5 am, was not titled and had an attachment. Not thinking anything of it, I opened the attachment. Nothing happened, and the notification for the MMS, and the MMS itself disappeared.

    Vanished. no where.

    I mesged the friend about it and she said that she has no record of sending me a mesg at all.

    My battery seems to be draining really quickly. I had it on the charger all day at work, and went to lunch and noticed that I'm at 30% and dropping really quickly since being off the charger.

    does froyo have a security hole? is there a virus out there? anyone else experience something like this? should I start to be worried?

    NEXUS One, Froyo.

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  2. ragingyeti

    ragingyeti Well-Known Member

    Check your battery info where it tells you what is draining the battery. What does it say?
  3. sourmilk

    sourmilk Member

    crooks have been using sms/mms to scam people for years.
    you better contact your carrier and tell them what happened.
  4. Hegemony

    Hegemony Android Enthusiast

    The battery thing might be unrelated. Try restarting? I haven't heard of any Android viruses ever existing. If you found one, consider yourself a celebrity. I'm sure Symantec would like to see your phone ;)
  5. thenickboy

    thenickboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    as far as battery goes, after I posted this, I restarted my phone. doesn't seem to be draining anymore. I checked my battery usage and there is nothing out of the ordinary. I guess it was just a fluke. I should have checked it while it was happening.

    I really don't think it's a virus - the linux kernel is strong, so I'm not too worried about htat.. it was just kinda freaking me out. I know that apps cant' install anything without my permission. It was just so suspicious after I opened it. hopefully it wasn't actually a trojan sending my personal info out. I just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this.

    move along, nothing to see here..
  6. Viralmind

    Viralmind Android Enthusiast


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