mytouch 3g dilema


OK i have a dilema..
I am in an area where i cannot get t-mobile so I have ATT. I just bought a used mytouch 3g with 3.5mm headphone jack after losing my iphone and deciding i want android.
My problem is i have called T-mobile and verified that the phone is not stolen, they have told me it will be 7 days before i get the unlock code email. My cell phone is the only phone i have so i can not wait 7 days. I have tried almost every pay for unlock code websites and none of them have been able to give me a code. is there a reason that the newer mytouch 3g's cannot be unlocked? has anyone been able to unlock a new mytouch 3g using a website? if so which one?

I am in law enforcement and for my safety i really dont want to be without a phone for 7 days. please help


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Unfortunately if no 3rd party can unlock it you're stuck with waiting for T-Mo. I'm surprised T-Mo even did that since you're not their customer.


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wow , suprised you have to wait. when i bought my Impression ( at&t ) they gave me the code over the phone so I could use on TMO


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i'm with Tmo - when i needed the unlock code for a phone i sold, they gave it to me over the phone

if you have a friend that's with Tmo, you might ask them to call in for it - just a suggestion


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ok im new to android's (had a iphone for years) is there anyway i can unlock it by rooting the phone? with the iphone you could jailbreak it the hackivate it and it would unlock. is there anything like that for android?