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Mytouch 3g without data plan

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joshuawang, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. joshuawang

    joshuawang Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So i could not find a definite answer for this question.

    Can you still make and receive calls with the mytouch 3g without a data plan? I dont care about texting, and all that other stuff. I love the mytouch but i dont need all the other stuff. so...

    I called tmobile and they said the phone would not work AT ALL with the data plan. This includes making and receiving calls (which is the only thing i am concerned with).

    So if i cancel my data plan, can i still use my phone?

  2. sean connery

    sean connery Newbie

    it should work as a phone if you.don't have a data plan but I'm pretty sure if you're under contract you can't remove the data plan. I have to ask why would you buy a smart phone and not use the data ? it's like buying a huge HD TV and not getting cable. if you don't want data, why not just get a more simple phone ?

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  3. musicmaster

    musicmaster Newbie

    I have the mytouch 3G without data. I just have WiFi all over campus and at home.
  4. anpk05

    anpk05 Newbie

    Actually the market works with a wi-fi connection. Idont have the data plan either. I might add the data plan later on though.
  5. joshuawang

    joshuawang Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Cause i like the phone =) and I realized I dont need to use the data plan. Im usually at home, work, or school next to a computer anyways. Thanks guys! So i can safely cancel the data plan and I will stilll be able to use it?
  6. gwcaton

    gwcaton Android Expert

    Yes, I have for months. Oh, unless you bought the phone trhough TMOand are under contract. I bought mine off a private individual and only had to have the data plan long enough to activate the phone ( create a gmail account )
  7. bensgig

    bensgig Lurker

    Can anyone explain with a little detail. So who can say, that if they bought a Mytouch 3g just off someone, put in their SIM and turned it on. How can you activate the phone and use it without first having a data plan. It sounds like this guy is saying that you have to have a data plan at least at first. If it is as easy as telling the phone to not use the 3G network, then choose a wifi to chose from, that would really be nice. Thanks.
  8. gwcaton

    gwcaton Android Expert

    It's been awhile since I had to activate one but if i remember correctly you can't access anything in the phone if you dont create a gmail account and you have to have the data plan to do that.. You cant get pass the activate screen to get to the settings to use wifi instead . IF i remember correctly .

    But I've been wrong before :)
  9. bensgig

    bensgig Lurker

    I have a Gmail email account. Is that not the same thing that they make you get? Is it something completely different. That is kind of lame for them to even make phones with wifi if you cannot really use it.
  10. BC2010

    BC2010 Lurker

    Its not that difficult. If you are not under contract you can call 611 and purchase the the unlimited plan and cancel it after you activate your phone. It will cost you a $1 a day..
  11. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    I have a data plan with my phone, but my wife still has an antique and no data plan. I turned on WiFi on my phone and connected it to our wireless network. I then powered it off and swapped in my wife's SIM card. It prompted me to logon to the Gmail account and then all was well. I assume that if I bought a MT3G for my wife I could put in my SIM card, activate the phone, and then put in my wife's SIM card and put mine back in my phone. Any reason that would not work?
    She could use hers as a phone (now there's a novel idea) and do all the other cool stuff whenever she had a wireless connection. True?
  12. lunameow

    lunameow Well-Known Member

    When I got mine (unlocked, from ebay), I popped an AT&T sim card into it, turned it on, and got "please sign in" or whatever. Of course, having just gotten the phone, I couldn't do that, since there were no WiFi or internet settings. Pressed Menu, settings option came up, and I went from there. So nope, you don't have to sign in to get past the screen. Nor do you have to create a gmail account from your phone. There's an option to sign in with a current account, which you can create from any computer if you don't have one already.
  13. kabrati

    kabrati Lurker

    so is there a way to skip the online google account sign-in? without paying for data plan.. please i need help.. i do not have wifi in my apartment
  14. turo89

    turo89 Lurker

    how you do that i have a contract with t mobile i just dnt have the internet plan being that theres a wifi connection everywere u go..how can i get pass the first step if i dnt have a internet plan on my plan
  15. tyler29golf

    tyler29golf Lurker

    if i got a mytouch 3g from a friend and i dont have a sim in it and i master eset it, how would i get into it and make a google account using just wifi?

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