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MyTouch 4G is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by matt1up, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Droidtothemax

    Droidtothemax Newbie

    We are supposedly signed up for it, bit IIRC Verizon has rights to it for a little while. I am just hoping it is out by February as i have two lines that are on upgrade at that time.

    Seems me and you got our mytouches roughly the same time. I like you haven't had hardly any issues besides a annoying back button, which I called T-Mobile on and they replaced it no questions asked. I in the end got a GB mytouch as old one was froyo and the battery life was terrible. GB is so much better. I litterally went from 8 hours to almost 16 with same use. I was considering selling the device and cutting my loses as i was so disappointed in battery performance. Not the case anymore. I have actually been very content with this phone. Only reason I would upgrade is for ICS and maybe a bigger screen, lol!

    Only way to get GB is true a retail store near you as they may have one on a memory card to update it, or wait for the OTA (over the air) update, but is going slowly that way.

    Honestly if having all those problems the OP had, then send it back for a warranty replacement and more than likely you will get a pre-installed GB phone, which fixes a lot of issues.

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  2. dasudevil

    dasudevil Android Enthusiast

    WOW thought i would never say this but i might be changing my mind. For the past two to three weeks my phone has really taking a crap. I can no longer get 3 hours out of my battery unless i put it into airplane mode. Then again last night i did not charge it and had the wifi connect on and woke up 10 hours later and the phone still had 50+ % left.

    I did contact tmobile and they said that its the battery however the phones battery should not last longer then say 5 hours. I told them they are stupid and i can get almost 24 hours of life without using it. They replied well your special because that is not suppose to happen. Waiting for a new battery to show up in the mail and we will see if things go back to normal.

    Other then the battery issue NO PROBLEMS> LOL
  3. platypuss94

    platypuss94 Lurker

    dude just buy a new one. no one else is having those problems so obvisuly its just your bad luck. personally my battery life is about 8 hours using it and 14 with moderate use.

    just get a new one because everyone else has said they love it and i have had mine for a year and i have never had one problem. i am still on the original battery
  4. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member

    Only issue I've had is a lost my text messages once. I installed a backup app and it has never happened again. My wife has the same phone and we absolutely love them. Best phone I've ever owned.
  5. matt1up

    matt1up Lurker
    Thread Starter

    just like to give you an update. i am now on my third MyTouch 4g.

    problems to add onto the list.

    it now has a glitch where i will be texting someone and all of a sudden the screen will flash and it will bump me to the top of the text thread even though my cursor and keyboard input is still active.

    it has not deleted texts anymore

    my phone will now freeze up and the home button or any other attempt to get out of certain screens (just happened to me a second ago...thats why im on here actually) will not work and I will have to pull the battery and restart it.

    overall though i would say this third phone i have gotten is better than the other two though. better screen it seems, and more stable even though the texting issue i mentioned above happens continuously and it is at the point where im gonna get pissed enough one day and cancel my service with tmobile. i actually almost did a couple months ago after calling them multiple times and requesting that they stop sending me advertisement texts. one of the ladies flat out said "no, we will not stop" i was gonna move over to sprint but then a service rep finally took care of the texts and paid $100.00 of my bill to be nice. i was getting texts for dish network, vip rewards so,ething or other and the list goes on and on.

    the fact that tmobile cuts my internet down to an almost unusable speed after 5gb of data is ridiculous though and Im seriously considering sprint once again due to their unlimited data and cheaper plan. anyone have any good or bad experiences with sprint? i would prolly get the nexus....i heard the iphone 4s orwhatever it is is a joke as far as speed is concerned and i have never been an apple fan even though i am typing this email on an Ipad and that is my excuse for the horrible punctuation. ;)

    oh yeah...funniest part is when you are getting close to your 5gb limit and they send you a text that says 'you are about to exceed your 5gb limit on your unlimited internet data plan, please click here to upgrade'

    i seriously wonder what the hell is going on in some of their corporate meetings.....it seems they have been making some really foolish decisions lately on a lot of fronts. (ive been a customer for 10 years)
  6. MildewMan

    MildewMan Newbie

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this because I didn't read the whole thread, but rooting the phone and putting a custom rom on the phone can drastically change your experience. You can do a lot of cool things once your phone is unlocked. An example is I made my own custom splash screen and boot animation for my phone ([BOOT ANIMATION] Legend of Zelda - xda-developers if you're interested in seeing)

    If you have bad battery life, you can also underclock your phone after rooting which will lower performance a little, but increase battery life. Lots of other things can be accomplished with root, but I'll let you look those things up.

    Check out the XDA forums or the CyanogenMod Wiki for any help you need with rooting and installing these ROMs. I loved this phone when I got it, but I love it a lot more now.
  7. crepers86

    crepers86 Member

    My mom is having a lot of the same issues. She is somewhat tech savy doesn't understand a lot about what goes on in networking issues. let me see if I can explain.

    She has had two of these replaced. I am not sure if it is the t-mobile network or her phone its self doing this. but when she is not connected to wifi and just using t-mos network her phone wont load and a lot of time tells her she don't have a data plan. her so called "4g" network, is slow. I have had three virgin mobile androids this year. The samsung intercept, Lg Optimus V, and Motorola Triumph. The intercept was the worse phone I ever owned. I loved (for the most part) the Optimus, except for the fact that the phone had poor ram when playing some games such as Angry Birds (it would lag a lot), but over I loved the Optimus because I figured that I could use it as a mobile hotspot with out rooting the phone. and now for a week I have had the Motorola triumph. better graphic interface and bigger screen. I love it but the downfall of the phone is there wasn't swype keyboard on the phone and I had to get the beta from swype. But the RAM of the phone is better then that of alot of the Droids. I had to root my phone to get mobile hotspot. Anywho my phones on VM 3g network is faster then her mytouch 4g on t-mobiles network.

    the other day when we didn't have home internet she said her phone was doing it again I said because her phone sucks. She said it worked fine on WiFi. I had to set there and explain to her that when she was on WiFi she was using the IP behind that WiFi network and not t-mobile's network.

    I explained to her that I could root her phone install custom ROMs that could make her phone work better. but she is afraid of the no warrenty after words. I told her I could Root her phone, install a custom ROM set it up for her, and if it doesn't work right I can set the stock ROM back to the phone and unroot the phone and it would be like nothing has happened to it.

    anyone want to help me convince my mom to let me root her phone. I should her the amazing things I have done with my Triumph since I rooted it and installed a custom ROM on my phone.
  8. UnsavvyUser

    UnsavvyUser Newbie

    Are we talking about the HTC My touch here? I don't like that LG has the same My Touch name. I never know which one people are talking about. I got the LG one and wish I got the HTC. I don't need bells and whistles, I just want clear calls, good speakerphone, fast internet, easy to learn. There are some features my BB 9700 Bold had that I am still trying to find on here and hope I find them soon. Already I know it lacks a camera flash like my BB had. Why couldn't they add that what's the big deal?

    Perhaps a dumb Q, but where is the refresh on this phone when you are on a web page?
  9. soopacee

    soopacee Lurker

    i signed up in these forums just because this post

    i had this phone for SIX months, thats it......didnt do nuttin special to it, just dl'd some apps and crap like that

    had to call them 3 times already because the phone is crap and dont work

    always freezing, force closing etc...

    then when i do reboot, i get the loop screen crap on the splash screen

    finally had to system restore it, lose everything and its still junk

    always calling and complaing, but they always have "solutions"

    i just want another friggin phone and they wont budge

    so i sit here payin over 100 month for a phone i can only use to make and receive calls and txts....thats it

    anytime i try to do anything else, it freezes, reboots, freezes....ugh
  10. Anges

    Anges Member

    Do you have the T-Mobile MyTouch 4g or the LG MyTouch? I have had this phone for 1 year and 1 week and have never had an issue. Great battery life, no freezing - nada on the issues. This weekend I put a new rom on it and it works even better.

    Sorry you are having issues - maybe if you rooted and went to a new rom you might be happier.
  11. dasudevil

    dasudevil Android Enthusiast

    I second that to anyone having issues with the HTC MyTouch. I am not rooted but have been in the past and never had any issues like everyone here is complaining about.

    3 things why you could be complaining: bad phone lemon, you will never be satisfied or your not using it to its capabilities via root. Relax and look at the options you have with this phone it ia still one of the best ones out there for a single core phone. That's why HTC is giving us the 4.0 ICS update
  12. CrunchyGringo

    CrunchyGringo Lurker

    So It would be cool if anyone could tell me about this problem. I've always owned iPhones since they came out and I've never had a problem I couldn't fix in about 5 minutes. And it was normally syncing issues because my PC was a piece of shit. Well, Me being an obvious Apple person, I don't really care much for droid products. My father has the HTC MyTouch 4G and he has a ridiculous list as well. For one, When I call him, it never goes through. We've sat in the same room together and I've called him with him standing on the other side of the room. On my end, it rings once or twice then goes straight to voicemail. His phone will never ring. He doesn't have texting, which is probably good with all the stuff I've seen you guys post about it, but this is his business phone. I checked his phone and he's had 74 voicemails hit at once. Half of those voicemails are probably over a week old. Think of the customers that could have tried to call him and they think he's ignoring them. He wants to cancel his T-mobile plan and get a straight talk phone, but seeing as they made him pay $300 or so on his phone, if he cancels it, they're going to try to hit him with $300 for the phone payment and another $300 to cancel the contract. T-mobile lied to him for one, They said he lived in a 4G hot spot, which is absolute bull. I'm AT&T and My service picks up 10x better than his. He barely has 2 bars, ever. Also, if he has wifi turned on and they're isn't wifi in the area, he can't do anything that requires cell towers or the internet. My phone always has wifi turned on and if there isn't wifi in the area, it runs off of the towers automatically. I thought that flaw was pretty ridiculous. Sometimes his phone just says "NO SERVICE". He drove around town to do stuff and not once did it pick up service. He didn't have his phone working for about 3 days before he came over and had me fix it. I had to restart it about 3 times and then completely shut it off 3 times before it responded to the service again. (keep in mind, he's not very tech savvy and because I don't know the general layout of his phone, I can't give him directions over the phone. And because droid phones are so.... "unique" -rolls eyes- That if you have a problem, good luck finding a fix on the internet, because even if you're not the only one, there are 300 ways to fix the problem and only one way works for you and another way works for someone else.)

    So basically, my problem is that If I need to get ahold of my dad, I have to call from another number,and then it MIGHT pick up.
    When he calls people, if they don't pick up right away, they're not getting through again. I left my aunt a voicemail on his phone because I left my phone at home and when I called her on my phone a couple days later, she answered right away and said she never got a voicemail. He's deadset on blaming her house phone even though I've left him probably at least 40 messages that he's never received. He won't believe me either, and then I show him my call log his only response is "WELL IT'S THIS CRAPPY PHONE."

    So yea, he wants to complain about his phone but won't get his cut off because it's going to be a slap-in-the-face $600 fee. So anyone know how to fix his phone?

    Also, I've restored it about 4 times. doesn't help. Oh, his flash on his camera just stops working half the time. But that's been fixed by restarting the phone.
  13. aysiu

    aysiu Android Expert

    Apart from exchanging it for another? Rooting it and putting Cyanogen 7.1 on it.
  14. jjbadd385

    jjbadd385 Lurker

    I have had a total of 4 mt4g phones. The only problem I have ever had is the power button is broken on one of them, which is my spare, and I can get it on by sliding back the rubber near the power button, and touch the flex ribbon with a piece of foil...takes about 30 seconds. Otherwise my other 3 have been flawless, especially nine, which is running custom roms. It's as fast as lightning! It would make sense however, that devices that are mass produced, are bound to have a few bad apples in the mix... the mt4g is still comparable to handsets that are currently being released, and it's a great device. Sorry u are having issues.
  15. hreyes85

    hreyes85 Lurker

    Im glad I came to this forum. I have the same exact ph. I bought it just last month (at the end of the month). I had to return it cause whenever I made a call I would be hearing this fuzzy noise on the other end. I returned the ph and the guy who helped me was a pain in the ass. Im starting to regret ever going back and switching phs cause the old one i had was good, it was faster then this one I have now.

    The one I have now is the exact same one as before, the only difference is this one is just slower then shit, freezes up half the time, takes forever for the camera to load. Freezes on 10% of my apps on my ph, and when I make a call out to someone it still freezes. Its a great looking ph yes ill agree with that but if i had seen the reviews before i would have gotten a much better one then this one now
  16. hreyes85

    hreyes85 Lurker

    Well damn, i feel sorry for you and your phone. Id be clueless if my ph was stuck in airplane mode in order to save the battery life. If i were you I would just buy a new ph, (look up the one you want) and look at the reviews. Something i should have done a loooong time ago was look at the reviews before I even bought my Mytouch 4G
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