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myTouch on ATT network-halfway there

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jwrxml, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. jwrxml

    jwrxml Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am new to the Android Forum,,,have searched existing threads as best I can,,with no luck, so here is my question.

    I just bought an essentially new unlocked mytouch 3G and wanted to use it on the ATT network (my contract does not expire for 4 months) but do not want to use the ATT 3G data service network (for data). My plan was to simply have an "app" phone that had wifi access and to use the wifi access for app connections. When I got the unit from it's previous owner, I was able to get the phone to work rather easily...but could not get access to the Android Market, or Google apps because access was tied to the previous owner's gmail account and login.

    After trying many different paths, I reset the mytouch back to it's factory settings with the intention of starting all over....bigger problem...the initial setup procedure on the myTouch 3G "assumes" you are a T-Mobile customer and will not connect via the ATT network or allow you to set up wifi connections first.

    Is there any hope for me in this situation...my goal is to have a basic phone service (voice & text) device that also has wifi access to apps...

    Any guidance appreciated....jwrxml

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  2. EinZtein

    EinZtein Android Enthusiast

    It will never happen,they use different network frequencies.
  3. jwrxml

    jwrxml Lurker
    Thread Starter

    NOt trying to use ATT 3G network with this phone, just set it up so I can use the Google apps (not via native 3G delivery) and have wifi access to them. Think iTouch with basic voice & text service.
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member

    It is possible that you can get the phone to work with wifi ... the only way to know is to give it a try...

  5. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Did you even read the original post?
  6. azn1art

    azn1art Lurker

    The only way you can get past the the activation is to set up the APN. This would allow you to use the AT&T's EDGE to activate your mytouch. I just got my mytouch working on AT&T. When you are at the click to start screen, press Menu to access the APN. Create a new one and use these settings.

    Name: AT&T
    APN: wap.cingular
    proxy: <Blank>
    port: <Blank>
    username: wap@cingulargprs.com
    password: CINGULAR1 (case sensitive)
    Server: <Blank>
    MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    APN Type: <Blank>
  7. Pomosapien

    Pomosapien Lurker

    Hi. I'm new here and glad to begin learning the world of android.

    I'm in the same pickle as the original poster and find myself trying to set up an unlocked mytouch 3g to my AT&T network but without having to use AT&T data plan. For several years now, I've owned HTC phones (I love them!) and have accessed the internet via wifi.

    I am hoping to be able to do the same with this Mytouch. So, my question is will setting up the phone as described to AT&T APN in the post above force charges upon us? I just want a phone on which I can access wifi without having to pay out of the butt.

  8. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Android Expert

    You should be able to bypass the initial setup, go into Settings to put in your Wifi login, then go into Gmail to set up your account.
  9. pakkman781

    pakkman781 Lurker

    I just used the above method to activate my MyTouch on AT&T a couple of days ago. I have a prepaid GoPhone plan, so it did use a tiny bit of my account credit to activate the phone, but it is a very small amount of data.

    Once you get the phone activated with Google, you can delete the APN and never worry about it using data on AT&T again. If you install the Cyanogen rom like I did, there is an option to bypass the setup altogether, so you can enter the wifi settings and do it over wifi.

    I'm still a little new to Android too, as this is my first Android device, but there is a lot of good info online. Sadly, it looks like there is not a way to get past the Google login screens without using a little tiny amount of data, since you can't access the wifi settings until you activate it. And you may have to do it at least once more during the rooting process if you want to install a custom rom.

    Good luck!
  10. ConfusedKid

    ConfusedKid Lurker

    Hey Guys!
    I started reading this thread and I am in the same predicament as you guys, but don't know how to do anything that you are saying...... Can anybody break it down for me so that i know how to use my mytouch with out a data plan?

    Thanks :)
  11. kris63

    kris63 Lurker

    Thank you so much! I was able to activate unlocked MyTouch 3g using att sim.
  12. axisofhendrix

    axisofhendrix Lurker

    After I hit menu, and save nothing came up. It wouldn't let me select the APN
  13. yariann27

    yariann27 Lurker

    I have a Tmobile unlocked Mytouch phone, I was using it for another carrier and it was working fine, but I decided to change company and now wanted ATT so I got and ATT gophone hoping I could change my SIM into the Mytouch but it didnt work. :-( I have tried everything that I have seen and nothing works. I introduce the mobile network codes and it doesn't do anything it just stays in black. PLEASE if anyone can help me I will apreciate it...
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