mytouch slide htc scence

I was wondering if i could get my mytouch slide to have a htc scence home screen like the evo.


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The Slide has a variation of Sense called Espresso... Perhaps if you could be more specific on what it is you want that you don't have? My home screen looks almost exactly like pics I see of Evos, except the launcher is configured slightly differently. (Phone button on left, app drawer in the middle, Faves on right vs the Evo's App drawer on left, phone in middle, and the "+" on the right)


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to do what you are wanting you would have to root and flash a ROM that is based on that version of Sense... as of now there are not any based on that version, partly due to it would have to be downscaled to our resolution (HVGA, HTC Supersonic a.k.a Evo is WVGA) and most Devs are working on FroYo 2.2 and 2.2.1 ROMs.