Help Mytouch4G Broken glass


Does anyone know where I can get some information on how to replace the broken glass on my Mytouch4G?


I used this to guide me:
YouTube - ‪HTC MyTouch 4G Take Apart & Screen Repair Guide‬‏
and I got the screen digitizer off ebay.

Be careful though, because the digitizer I bought worked for a month or two and then the sensor that turns the screen black started having problems. Now when i make a call the screen stays black when I pull it away from my face. My phone will stay black for minutes at a time, sometimes making me leave long voicemails and making my phone useless. It's not always a problem but it sure is annoying when i can't end a call or do anything else while on the phone.

It might be worth investing in a higher priced digitizer to hope there is more quality in the part.