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N00b ROM installation

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by karandpr, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Disclaimer : Your warranty ceases to exist from this step on wards .SO are your power shields and all those charms protecting you .I am not responsible for bricked phones,burnt dinners,nuclear wars,unemployment ,insanity,baldness, divorces with alimony,pokemon and any other thing that happens to you

    This is how you install Arkas or Stock Samsung Firmware
    For better results clear data/cache from recovery mode
    Recovery Mode = T(keyboard T as in Q-W-E-R-T)+power

    Operation System :Windows
    Program required : Odin_Multi_Downloader v4.34

    From samfirmware.com get the callisto.ops script from the Login - www.SamFirmware.com

    You will need to register to access the site

    Download Stock ROM from samfirmware .
    Download Links for Arkas are on my blog :D

    Some basic knowledge or warning

    Brazil and Argentina users need the

    amss_phone and CSC from Brazilian firmware

    You can get it from Topic: the challenge - www.SamFirmware.com
    AND /OR
    [Q][HELP] Lost GPS after Flashing Samsung Galaxy 551 (i5510L) - xda-developers

    French and AZERTY users

    They will require the Belgium CSC for AZERTY k[/COLOR] yboard

    Austrian,German and QWERTZ users

    Austrian settings are required for QWERTZ settings
    *#272* IMEI # is the code used to change country settings

    The Flash
    1.)Drink 2 glasses of water,wash your face ,Look in the mirror and say "I can do it 50 times "
    2.)Cross check the list of items

    Items required in your hand

    • Samsung Galaxy 551 aka I5510 aka Callisto
    • Working Flawless USB cable.
    • A computer with USB port and power supply for span of 45 minutes

    Items on computer

    • [*]Odin_Multi_downloader v4.34
      [*]Windows Running
      [*]Samsung USB drivers or KIES preinstalled
      [*]PC should recognize the phone
      [*]KIES should NOT be running in background
      [*]PDA.tar.md5 file of ARKAS

    3.)Open Odin and in Select OPS option ,click OPS and load callisto.ops

    4.)Now the four options of Odin are highlighted

    5.) Click on PDA and load PDA.tar.md5

    6.)Connect the phone to computer and switch off phone.

    7.)Press Q(keyboard Q of Q-W-E-R-T-Y)+Power button simultaneously.
    Your phone screen should look like below

    Odin should detect you phone
    The Odin should look like below


    8.) If both phone and odin are look like above then click Start

    9.)Wait some time,twiddle thumbs,comb hair ,check your teeth ,work on the kooky maniac laugh,

    10.)After 5 minutes or so phone will reboot and you will have spanking new ROM installed

    The Video tutorial of from Orkut Brazil for One Package Flash option



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  2. mll

    mll Newbie

    Great, much needed guide, thanks ! :)
  3. chandu9013

    chandu9013 Lurker

    Hey Karan i seem to have a problem...I installed the Arkas ROM an hour ago and everything went fine....But somehow i lost my data connection...I get a message"You dont have an internet connection"....Can you help?
    I dont even see any "E" symbol i used to see in STOCK when connected to the internet....
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  4. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If you installed Arkas 0.4 than it has the short APN list.
    Get your APN settings/internet settings from the internet provider.
    Sorry for the trouble . :(
    In Arkas 0.432 I updated the list so it includes most service providers of India and some other countries
  5. chandu9013

    chandu9013 Lurker

    Im installed 0.432...But i still dont get any APNs as you said...im using Tata Docomo by the way
  6. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Try DOCOMO care and ask those people to give you apn settings :).
  7. chandu9013

    chandu9013 Lurker

    Thanks Karan....Its working....And the ROM is pretty cool so far....Switched to my favourite GO launcher tho....Thank you so much for the ROM...hope it removes the lags in my phone without affecting my battery too much
  8. chandu9013

    chandu9013 Lurker

    Hey Karan can you recommend some SetCpu settings for optimum performance without having to sacrifice the battery backup(if improving isnt possible by anymeans)
  9. Zoorave

    Zoorave Newbie

    i know this may sound stupid but, does the apn list support North American service providers?
  10. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There is a mention of T-Mobile US,Verizon and SprintPCS in the apn's but no one ever tested it so I cant say for sure if they actually support it :) .
  11. arun489

    arun489 Newbie

    there is no callisto.ops in that link. there is only ddkj4.zip file containing boot,phone,pda and csc..

    should i load the boot,phone,csc and pda (arkas)..
  12. arun489

    arun489 Newbie

    i downloaded the callisto.ops from another site. it is of size 105 bytes. is that the right file.
  13. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes it is a file in KB
    It is available on samfirmware .
    I dont trust other SOURCES .
    So dont Blame if your phone conks


    Step 1 - Samsung Firmwares
    Step 2 - Samsung Flash Programs
    Step 3 - Samsung Flash Guides
    Handy 1 - Samsung Letter Code
    Handy 2 - Samsung Mobile Code
    OPS File - DOWNLOAD. v1.0
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  14. arun489

    arun489 Newbie

    thank you.. i got the callisto file..

    1. i couldn't reboot into the recovery mode using the t+power method..
    q+power works and boot into download mode.

    2. can i use the factory reset option in the settings to wipe the memory..

    3. is titanium backup is enough.

    4. after installing the rom should i restore the apps with data or apps with sys data
  15. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    1.)Not particularly necessary if you are using Arkas 0.4 -0.433
    If you are attemting 0.5+ then issue reboot recovery command from the terminal

    2.)Yes .Thats what is known as data/cache wipe

    3.)It is enough

    4.)Thats really your choice .
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  16. arun489

    arun489 Newbie

    thanks man.. i installed swashbuckler.... its great.. thanks dude....
  17. philly76

    philly76 Lurker

    Is there any support for Canada - Bell Mobility in any of these firmware versions?

  18. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There are many technicalities involved .
    In short partially yes .
    Problems you may encounter
    BlueTooth problems in Arkas 0.4,0.5,0.533,0.564,0.6

    Just a random hang -Arkas 0.6-ext2

    Of course before you do anything :
    Download super one click
    Obtain shell root
    switch off to airplane mode
    and backup the entire phone !!!!
  19. priyesh103

    priyesh103 Newbie

    hey we can use this rom in indian version galaxy 551????
  20. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes you can. best go for XEO-KPG
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  21. priyesh103

    priyesh103 Newbie

    thanx...bt i m new for all of these so tell me what is XEO-KPG????plzzzzz
  22. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  23. priyesh103

    priyesh103 Newbie

    one more thing that this rom is for froyo 2.2 or gb 2.3 or both????plz reply i have 2.2 froyo in my galaxy 551...
  24. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It is Gingerbread .
  25. priyesh103

    priyesh103 Newbie

    so how install this in my froyo...???
    plz...by one pakage through odin or some other method...

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