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N1 is cool but cautious optimism advised!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by anotherfandroid, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. anotherfandroid

    Thread Starter

    Guys,we’re all excited about the N1 but let’s be cautious. We don’t know the N1 in person. We know it in paper only!

    Let me remind you of your history: everyone said mytouch was blazing fast; everyone got the mytouch; everyone hated stock android’s UI for very good reasons; everyone started using handcent and phonebook to make the UI more palatable; then everyone noticed how sluggish and laggy their phones became! Now everyone wants a new android phone because people who use touchscreen phones NEED HIGH SPEED and a LARGE SCREEN for BETTER TYPING!

    We need speed and screen, period. Do not let the fluff and the hoopla distract you from the most important attribute of a touchscreen smartphone: PERFORMANCE, which equals SPEED! SPEED SPEED SPEED!

    Multi-tasking, ability to fly, fart, cure cancer, solve the middle-east problems, and detect bad breath ALL don’t matter if the phone is SLUGGISH. Remember that the reason why the iphone is so popular is not multi-tasking, application store, affordability, telecom service, or form factor: it’s SPEED!

    When you’re out and about with your friends and you try to snap a picture and your other friend already snapped it with his iphone and yet your phone’s camera has not even started running, that’s when you’ll look like an ass. No one at that point will care that your phone multi-tasks or cures cancer.
    When you’re trying to give directions with google maps and yet your iphone friend is already giving directions and your phone’s map has not even opened yet, you will look like an ass. It all comes down to SPEED!

    And before you say to yourself: “oh I am sure N1 is fast because the chip is better”, remember: people who addressed android’s sluggishness in the past blamed multi-tasking (which IMHO turned out to be a curse more than a blessing) and sub-par hardware only because they ASSUMED that these were causing the sluggishness. But no one knows for sure if these are indeed the causes. This means that if the OS turns out to be the problem, then no matter how good the hardware is, you’re still getting a slow phone, period. The droid has a chip that’s better than the one on the mytouch; yet, the droid is not even close to the iphone 3g in terms of speed (mind you, remember that the chip in the iphone 3g is slower than that of the droid)! The acer liquid has an 800mhz chip and yet we haven’t heard people extolling the virtues of its speed; does not matter if the acer is in asia, if it was speedy Gonzales, we would have still heard some noise. The point that I am trying to make is that when you consider performance, hardware is not the only thing you should look at. The droid runs on android 2.0! who knows? Maybe the droid’s being faster than the mytouch is simply due to faster OS, not faster chip. Who knows?

    There’s a couple of guys on this site who have N1 phones; they are posting mini-reports about their daily experience with the phones; they are sincere but make no mistake: they have neither downloaded enough apps to give a more realistic report of the performance nor did they compare the N1 to the iphone 3gs. So again: curb the enthusiasm!!!
    So if you are like me, someone who has a mytouch and desires a FASTER phone with a LARGER SCREEN, then maybe you want to wait for February to come and go before you spend your hard-earned 200 bucks and here’s why:

    1-Xperia x10 is about to be released. It offers the LARGEST android screen. Yes, it is true that it’s LCD and not AMOLED, but the battery is 1500mAH. Moreover, the camera is definitely better than that of both iphone and N1 and comes with a dedicated side button. Sony ericsson sucks at a lot of things but one of the few things they don’t suck at is their camera. Off course the X10 will cost you more than the N1 but who knows? Maybe not that much more? An X10 that costs 250 on contract is better than buying a N1 at 180 and then 4 months later spending another 200 because a phone with a larger screen came out. X10 also gives you a better UI. Please!!... anything to improve the look of that ghastly native media player. Dark green and black? yuck!! For those who are screaming “outdated” over the 1.5 android on X10, keep in mind that the champs at xda will hack that puppy in 2 friggin weeks and get android 2.1 on it once it comes out.

    2-who knows what HTC is up to? There’s already a rumor that HTC will release a larger screen version of this phone later next year with multi-touch. I hope it is true and that the phone comes without the tacky overrated kluggy sense ui fluff.

    3-apple is coming out with a new iphone. Imagine the following scenario: apple’s contract with AT&T ends. Iphones become available to t-mobile customers, subsidized by t-mobile, and that the new iphone has a 4.0 inch screen. You know that this is totally possible right?

    4-wait for xda developers or t-mo to enable you to update the firmware of your mytouch or Hero to android 2.1. who knows? Maybe it’s all about the firmware after all. And if your mytouch becomes as fast as the N1 with the updated firmware, then the N1 will all of a sudden look like a 180-dollar-mytouch with a screen that’s only half an inch larger! Go figure….

    for what it's worth, here's a simple comparison between the upcoming snappy dragons:

    N1/X10: Screen size 3.7/4.0; Resolution 480 x 854/480 x 854; technology AMOLED/LCD; cam 5 mps + LED flash no cam key/8.1 mps + LED flash dedicated side button; Memory RAM-ROM 512mb-512mb/384mb-gb??? (RAM/ROM info for X10 not confirmed); Battery 1400/1500

    sorry for the lengthy post...just had to let it out of my system....

  2. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Android Enthusiast

    Speak for yourself about the large screen. Xperia10 is too large in my opinion. N1 screen size is ideal for the masses.

    As far as speed goes, read the following thread from someone who actually has the phone: http://androidforums.com/nexus-one/31199-got-its-fast-its-really-really-fast.html

    As far as iPhone offering a larger screen, no, I don't believe it's possible. The screen may be bigger but the resolution and ratio can't change. Otherwise all 100,000 apps would have to be re-worked to fit the new size... and that's not gonna happen. iPhone's closed architecture severely limits its expandability, They could put a bigger camera in it, maybe add a flash, but the iPhone platform has pretty much run its course.

    *EDIT* I'll take the smaller, beautiful AMOLED over a huge, power-hungry LCD any day. You don't really expect an extra 100mA/H will give the X10 better battery life than N1, do you?
  3. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Considering the extreme limitation in plans. 530$ is the number you want to throw around not 180.

    It IS the OS that causes sluggishness. Memory management and bloat is still there.
    If anyone is buying this thinking it will remain super speedy after they have there animated screen + 3-5 screens full of icons and widgets and multi tasking they will be severely dissapointed.

    HTC has a history of atrocious camera and video performance. Under no circumstance should anyone think this is about to change because of Snapdragon/Nexus one.

    The snapdragon and 512mb of Ram is alot for the XDA/Rom community to play with.
    Can they work the same magic ? Dont know. But theyve gotten my G1 to fly with 1.6 donut so maybe its possible.

    Safest bet is to wait some weeks and see how things go after common apps/widgets update to latest Android build/Nexus compatibility. Then see what peoples performance feedback is.

    ((btw xda or no xda htc cameras are always slow and crappy))
  4. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    my eris's camera is good, video is good too
  5. anotherfandroid

    Thread Starter

    You can be certain that screen size is on most people
  6. anotherfandroid

    Thread Starter


    exactly what i am talking about.

    koff33, i am with you on the OS issue. ever since people blamed the hardware i thought to myself that google is using a scapegoat. it's the freakin OS.
  7. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    no such thing as too large, ask my wife.
  8. 3rd-Geer

    3rd-Geer Android Enthusiast

    FYI, all apps are compatible with the N1. They all look completely fine.
  9. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Thats good to know.

    Have you tried handcent and better keyboard ?

    Handcent already had voice to text but was sllllooooowww to start up and accuracy was terrible.
    Going back to home screen was often laggy when I had alot of texts.

    Better keyboard was a great replacement for default on screen keyboard. But again..its a bit laggy.

    Just wondering how N1 handles it.

    So theres no punch and zoom even in Photo Gallery ? What about swiping ?
  10. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member

    You dont really need BetterKeyboard with this phone.
  11. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Going out on a limb here.. rather have a phone that cures cancer than one that takes pictures faster than an iPhone. :p
  12. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    I will disagree about the "lag" issue.

    I have a rooted G1 running CyanogenRom of 1.6. It has a lot of the 2.0 stuff already in it. I normaly have about 55-60mb of free internal memory, a class 6 4gb sd card, all apps on the sd card, running stock home. I never have lag. I have put my device against other G1s (rooted & not), Heros and a Touch, none have been able to keep up with my G1.

    The reason, I beleave, is I have only the calendar widget and a few icons on the home scree. I also keep my cache empty. There a lot of apps out there that store cache on the internal memory. This slows the device down.

    I also get about 6 hours a day out of my G1 if I use it lightly. If I am on it a lot it can drop down to 2 hours.

    I plan to buy a Nexus One as a second device. It will not be used fore voice calls.
  13. anotherfandroid

    Thread Starter

    Why not?
  14. nekoki

    nekoki Well-Known Member

    Same here. Camera on my Eris beat the camera performance on the Droid I had.
  15. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    I already have one voice plan I dont use.
  16. a.| )v4nc3d.

    a.| )v4nc3d. Newbie

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