Help N7 2012 16Gb wifi bootloader loop

After spending a few hours searching the forum, I have found a few similar instance. However, none of the solutions worked.

I have 16GB Nexus 7 2012 model Wifi only. I am stuck at the Google load screen.

I used the Nexus Root Toolkit (NRT) to load the Google driver and unlock the bootloader without a problem. I clicked the root button and I am guessing the root failed, because it just sat at the Google screen for over an two hrs. I can load the bootloader and scroll through all four options. When I select run or recovery, I get sent back to the Google load screen. I left it plugged in to my Windows 7 pc over night to verify it was finished loading. Nothing had changed in the morning.

I have Googled many methods before searching this forum. My problem with the manual method is I can not access the tablet to enable the USB debugging. The tablet is no longer recognized in Windows, and NRT doesn't list the tablet in fastboot mode and ADB mode just gives a blank list.

If you need anything else let me know and any guidance is much appreciated.



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The majority of issues with the N7 are often cable related, and usb port related.

Make sure you are using a high quality cable that is plugged directly into the computer, not a USB port.

The second most common issue using NRT is people not properly selecting the actual Android version and build.. NRT has to use modified boot images to perform some operations and they are build dependent so it is vital you set the current version and build properly.

As you are a bit beyond that now you need to take other steps to get you tablet back running.

NRT was recently updated, make sure you are running the latest NRT by downloading the latest - Nexus Root Toolkit v1.9.6 | WugFresh

In NRT, follow the driver guide word for word, step by step. You will use it's built in USBDeview tool to get rid of USB drivers on your system related to the device and install proper ones.

It is vital you read the driver guide until you understand it, then perform it.

Using a high quality USB cable, preferably a good condition OEM cable or high quality replacement one not longer then 3 feet, and plugged directly into the computer and not in a USB hub, hopefully your tablet will be detected in bootloader mode.

With the tablet off, press and hold volume down and power button until the device loads bootloader, an android on his back with chest open.

Now connect the device to your computer, let your computer have a minute to see if it needs drivers. If it does, let it finish installing them.

Now launch NRT, and using the "Flash Stock + Unroot" option with the soft brick/bootloop trigger, PROPERLY select your device and the build of android you want to flash. It is vital you select the proper device, the N7 2012 doesn't have a camera on the back.

Follow the steps and in short order your tablet should be up and running again.

Good luck.