Help N7 (2012) - Suddenly won't boot.

So, I got 2 N7 refurbs (32GB) from woot a week or two ago. One for me, and one for my GF. Both looked pristine and worked fine. After setting them up, a day or two later, I rooted mine and installed the Cyanogenmod 11 nightly (I wanted to try the ART runtime).

It has been working fine for a week or more, so I do not think the cyanogenmod/root is the issue. I used the tab this morning to read some recipes while cooking. Later, it was down to about 30% battery, I plugged it into a phone charger I had near my desk (the higher current nexus charger was in another room). Two to three hours later, I pick it up, and the screen won't cut on.

I have since switched to the original charger, no luck. I have tried booting to the bootloader screen. No luck. Sometimes I can see the backlight flash, and one time it got stuck on (just the backlight), until I pulled the charger. There is no charging indication on the screen with the charger either, just dead except for the sometimes backlight flash when holding the power button.

I am afraid this thing is dead, but ineligible for return since I rooted and ROMed it.

Any advice or CPR tips would be much appreciated.


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I'm sure you've already tried, but just in case hold down the power button for around 10 to 30 seconds. Otherwise, all I got is it just may be a hardware issue..


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Figured it out. Apparently the refurb process replaced the battery. It was not glued down as tight as the orig. It slid a bit and slightly unplugged the battery wire. Problem solved.