Feb 22, 2012
So I have a Moto Atrix2 and the N7.

I was showing off my shiny new N7 to my boss, and he was asking if I could get internet on it when not near WiFi. I mentioned Tethering, and looked in his phone to see if it could be done. He has a Moto RAZR and it has Bluetooth Tether! My Atrix2 doesn't have it as far as I know. I'm super jealous, and want to be able to do it... Is there a way anyone knows of that my Atrix2 can share internet with the N7 or will I have to upgrade to a better phone?

Both devices are rooted. I have experience with ROM on the phone, but haven't gone that deep in the N7 yet.

*Also, I do not have Mobile Hotspot on my account so that isn't an option.*

I am reading about an app called WiFi Tether for Root Users. Is this a viable option? I am going to install and test it out right now.