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Nand backups not restoring??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Team420, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I changed the folder names of all my back-ups ( to help identify what they were). Flashed a ASOP rom this morning, and already miss sense, when I restore I get a "whoops something went wrong, press power to return" msg.

    I'm pretty sure it's because I changed the folder
    names, cuz I made a quick back-up of my current set-up and left it's name alone, and sure enough, it worked, so... Guess it's NOT ok to change the file names huh? :mad: Worst part is, as I did it, I thought to myself, this is prolly gonna eff them up...lol

    Any way I can restore the file names somehow? If not, its not a huge deal... would just be a lot easier than setting everything up all over again...

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    you can change the file name but not the folder name. the nandroid file names can b changed to whatever you want. i usually just put the name of the rom in front of the date that is used in the name.
  3. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was just coming here to post that I already fig'd it out... actually, u CAN rename the folder, and NOT the files... If u do rename the folders, be sure to name it without spaces.. ex... kings_alliance_9.1.11 My problem was the spaces... so I put _ instead, and its restoring now :)

    Hope this helps someone in the future
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  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    oops sorry. you are right.:eek: i usually consider them files, but yeah they are folders. those are the ones that i just put the name of the rom in front of the date that the recovery uses to name the file.
  5. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I hear ya, I had to edit my op after I first posted it cuz I said file names, even tho I meant folder names.... lol
  6. myea_one

    myea_one Well-Known Member

    If you place files in the root of your sd, is it safe to remove them and store them on your pc after you have flashed whatever it was that was placed on the sd card, to free up sd space???
  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    yes you can. i download them to my computer and then copy them to the card before flashing so all i have to do is just delete them from the card.
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  8. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I have a couple more questions, and dont wanna start a new thread for them...

    1) I wanna try the cm7, but dont really understand the "nightly" thing... r those the updates to the original? and do I flash them alone, or with the original?

    2)I know I'm going to gain battery life, and prolly some performance, but what exactly will I be loosing w/o sense, other than the obvious graphical features, and simplicity?

    3) Kernels for ASOP... it seems like a sbc kernel would suit my needs best (I want to use it during the day, and leave it charge all night), the sbc will (should) leave me with a full 100% charge in the morning, not 100% but 10-15% drop off in first 20 min.... Do I have this right? I'm not worried about degradation of my battery.. I have 2, and they r cheap, I'm mostly just interested in having my batt last me till I can get near a charger again.... I have considered one of the extended batteries, but they r big, and I like my body glove case :)

  9. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    The nightly thing is where they keep updating the 7.1 version when bugs and what not arise....people report the bugs and they are fixed by the devs along with any other improvements they imply to the Rom...I am currently running the stable version CM7 Rom...basically this version is a final release and there arent any updates anymore...eventually 7.1 will have a final release.

    CM7 is just a basic rom...there arent that many applications on it...of course you can add any apps that you want to though....the most obvious stuff you loose is the sense features along with vvm (sprint visual voicemail) and the android market, however you can download the latest Gapps zip file and it will put those 2 back on your phone. This rom is extremely fast and battery life is just amazing....I just put my phone on the charger after almost 2 full days without charging....that was with light to moderate usage...(texting, calling, emailing...etc..)

    An SBC kernel with give you a FULL 100% battery charge....not the typical 85% to 90% charge you get from the stock rom and kernel....With an SBC you will not get the dramatic 10% to 15% drop...
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  10. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so thats pretty much what I fig'd about the nightly's, so do I install them alone, or after installing cm 7.1?

    I think I'll be going the sbc route... any suggestions that work well with this rom?
  11. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    you can flash the lastest nightly and have the full rom....the only thing with the nightly is that you have to do A LOT of updating if you choose....i personally didnt want to and would rather wait til a final release of 7.1...i say this just because when running the nightly version, you are more likely to encounter bugs and what not, granted they are pretty fast about fixing them, i just prefer to run the version thats stable and no bugs....

    I use the Tiamat v4.0.6 -sbc with v6 supercharger script...FAST FAST FAST...

    link to the stable and nightly's

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  12. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Got the cm7 installed, and dloading the tiamat kernel now :)

    One last thing... should my batt be 100% charged b4 I flash the tiamat kernel? or does it matter?

    Also... read a lil about the v6 script... I gotta use a script manager to install that correct?
  13. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

    No it doesn't need to be. Most would recommend calibrating the battery. Which means after flashing the kernel, charge to 100%, then use the phone until it dies. Then with it dead, charge until the green light comes on, boot into recovery and wipe battery stats.

    I basically never do this, but there are some that do. It will take a couple charge cycles for the kernel to kind of settle in, so you may think your battery life isn't very good at first, when your phone is really just adjusting to the new kernel.
  14. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I do that every time I flash a rom or kernel... except I usually charge to 100%, wipe battery stats while wiping everything else, flash the rom/kernel, then run till dead, and re-charge... I usually do turn the phone on before its fully charged tho, so maybe I'll try it the way u mentioned...

    Thanks again! :D
  15. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    yes you have to download busybox and script manager off the android market
  16. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So, flashed the tiamat, Been playin around for a few, batt dropped from 100-85 pretty quick, then stayed there a few, and went back to 88% while I was using it!! Never seen that before!! I know it's still gonna b a while before it settles in, but i have flashed a few roms/kernels now, and I have never seen it do that...lol
    Hopefully its an indication of great battery life to come!

    BTW... I have 0 cell signal at my house(usually, it does bounce in for a few sec ev now and then)... just hooked to the wifi, and she's searching for cell signal all the time...
  17. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    If your using the nightly's 7.1 version then you might encounter bugs....thats why id rather wait to flash that rom when they say its a stable final release...
  18. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yup, using the nightly, and so far, it seems pretty good to me, no fc's or reboots, all my apps work, cam works, wifi.... the only issue i have noticed so far... cell, and wifi signal r not as good... If I go more than 30' from my router, I loose wifi, or it becomes so slow its almost unusable, used to go a lot farther than that before...
    Also, in spots where I used to get full cell signal, I now get 3 bars... IDK???

    Battery life however is kicking some butt! Still on it's 1st charge, I took it off last night around 8pm, its now just after 8am, and I still have 60% left... Usually, after sitting in my basement for a night with no cell signal, it'll die before I wake up, or have less than 10% left

    Gotta say... I do miss sense :-(

    Is there really that much goin on with sense that it uses about twice as much juice?? Got myself in a real conundrum here... I really WANT my old sense rom, but I NEED better battery life.... guess I'll just keep flashing, and see what I can come up with....

    Another question... Does using the sbc kernel really charge the battery beyond what would normally b recognized as full level? The redneck wheels in my head are turning, and I'm wondering... If I were to have 2 evo's, and keep one with basic cm7 rom, and sbc kernel to charge batteries, and have the other run the sense rom of my choice, would I notice better battery life on the sense phone? Seems far fetched... I know... but my bud is selling his brand new evo cuz he now cant afford sprint... just so happens he owes me, about as much as he's selling the evo for... I'll prolly never see the cash, so thats why I am thinking about this...
  19. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    I would think that if you can get 30ft and still have a connection then thats pretty darn good lol....plus it would depend if you have a clear connection to the phone (e.g. if the signal has to go around corners and what not )...it seems to me that your almost expecting a lil to much in terms of range, no offense.....i mean i dont know how far away you've ever gotten with it but, if you can get 50+ft away and still have a good connection then thats just amazing to me considering its a cell phone..lol..Im sure the range of the router will come into play at some point...some have a bigger range for aquiring signal...

    Sense Roms are big compared to AOSP....there is a lot more stuff to run = more memory taken taken up...

    i think it was lubberlick who put it best....you want your bling bling lol...

    just keep flashing and it will take your mind off it lol....
  20. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, as far as the wifi distance is concerned... my house is about 35 ft long... my router is in my basement (bar/man cave), the door is on the opposite end from the router... usually, I can go out that door, into my driveway (straight line) and still have great signal.... I often hook my phone to the truck stereo and blast the tunes (pandora, slacker...etc) for parties etc... truck is usually 50' away so, idk if i'm expecting too much, I was just expecting what I'm accustomed to....

    Yes... I do WANT my bling...lol But I live in Maine... unless I'm in the truck, or at home, power to charge is not always a possibility

    Will keep flashing till I find a happy meduim :D

    BTW... One of the big differences I noticed in terms of battery use... With the sense roms I have tried... when I look at whats using the battery most, "display" is usually #1 on the list, at about 60%, cell standby is usually #2 at 15% ish, and so on...
    with this cm7, cell standby is #1 at 54%, wifi at 22% phone idle at 20%, and display at 4%

    Why the huge difference? I been using it a lot since off the charger, so I would expect the display % to b a lot highr... If I could get the % to look like that on sense... I'd be a happy camper....
  21. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    One more quick question... I have searched, but I'm prolly not using the correct search terms...

    I have dowloaded a custom boot animation (droid piss on apple :D) and the honeycomb battery mod .zips... do I just flash them the same way I would a rom? what needs wiped 1st?

    T.I.A. :D
  22. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    The battery mod you can flash...just wipe cache and dalvik cache...flash...reboot...but make sure it says you can use it on the Rom your using....

    The boot animations are a lil more difficult...here are the steps...

    1. download root explorer..(you dont have to use root explorer..es file manager will work to but it doesnt allow you to search for the file where as root explorer will).

    2. Copy the zip file to the ROOT of your sd card.

    3. Open root explorer...now here you can either press your menu button and search for either bootanimation.zip or htc_bootanimation.zip...those are the only two names i've ever seen the file to be....The most common place to find the boot animation is here /data/drm.

    4. Once you've located where the stock bootanimation is on your phone, then go back out to the first menu on root explorer and select the Mount R/W up at the top (this is what allows you to edit in root explorer)and then scroll down and select sdcard. The bootanimation you copied to the ROOT should be in there...find the file and longpress on it and select copy...

    5. now go back out to the first menu and go to /data/drm or the folder that the stock bootanimation is located in and press on the bootanimation you copied from your sdcard and paste it in that folder...

    6. Next you have to rename the files....so, for example lets say your stock bootanimation is named hTC_bootanimation.zip, you want to keep that zip in there so just put a 1 in front of it so it would be like this now, 1hTC_bootanimation.zip.

    7. Now long press on the bootanimation you pasted in there and select rename. You have to rename the file EXACTLY the way your stock bootanimation is named but without the 1 in front of it...so for example, the file is named fade_warm_bootanimation.zip....you would rename it to this...hTC_bootanimation.zip....

    8. once you've done that just exit root explorer and reboot and thats it :D

    Also...some bootanimations specifically say you can flash it in on the page you downloaded it from....if not, then just follow those steps...
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  23. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    Some pages with boot animations...

    [Collection] Custom Boot Animations and Splash Screens - xda-developers

    3d Minions boot animations, Android vs Apple, Kung Fu Panda, GW3, MW and much more! - xda-developers
  24. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow! lol I did find a few threads with "instructions", couldnt find the bootanimation.zip. tho

    I didnt use the root file explorer, I used es, and sure enough it was right where u said it was, renamed it, named the new one hTC_bootanimation.zip, and blamo... although, the first one I tried (android pissing on apple) gave me black screen, so used the link in ur 2nd post, and tried one of those out, and works great!!

    Perfect instructions,
    Thanks again!
  25. DaRayvn

    DaRayvn Android Enthusiast

    ur welcome :D

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