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Mar 31, 2010
Columbus, OH
I expect Sprint to kick off their Evo advertising tonight, just as they have with the Pre and Instinct in years past.

First qualifier race is about to start - tune into Speed!
EVO on the big screen before driver introductions.

They haven't actually said anything about them...

Last week they had them on the prerace show..
More like just showing a continuous Evo advertisement going on during driver introductions. I mean nothing ground breaking.
Bump day is usually fun to watch too.

Yea, I will occasionally watch bump day.

I like the Indy 500 and watch it every year, but their qualifying is so drawn out and unnecessary - kind of pointless now. None of those drivers at the tail of an Indy race have a prayer of winning, no need to draw out the drama.

I think I saw Humpy Wheeler wants to post a 15 million dollar bonus to a driver that can win the Coke 600 and Indy 500 in the same day. I'd love to see Tony pull that one off. It's a shame they juggled the start times now that it's impossible to run both anymore.
Is he still working on different types of treatments to help him or what?

The last I heard he was heading home to talk to his doctors about treatments. I haven't heard if there has been any progress.
yeah, vickers....

I googled him....here is what I found...

posted on May 22nd:

"Doctors have taken what Vickers described as enough blood to fill a case of Red Bull but are still awaiting test results, which they hope will help determine the cause of the clots.

According to the Carolinas Medical Center Web site, periods of inactivity or movement can put a person at a higher risk for developing blood clots. It also could be the sign of another disease, it could be hereditary, or the cause could be from other factors."
they are talking about the evo now and that thing is huge! gonna be a battery killer I bet....the girls holding the evo were really hot tho, lol...the vp talking about the phone said it had a 4.3 camera, then said it had 8mp camera, lol...live tv is the best.
Man the sprint spokesperson just messed up his chance to brag on the EVO. Did he really just say a 4.3 inch camera?