Native Messaging / Handcent / ChompSMS?

Curious about people's thoughts about these different messaging options.

Removing / barring the pre-update issues with the native messaging app on the phone, which one of these do you prefer?

I am currently using the native app, seems fine to me, I like that I can link contacts to FB etc. Not necessarily looking for something that plagiarize's the iPhone messenger (cartoon bubbles), but I am always open to something new if it is better than the app preloaded on the phone.

If you don't use the native app, is there a widget for Handcent or Chomp (like the native) to make viewing and responding easy?

Just looking for feedback / opinion.



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I used HandCent before the rom update. After the update, I switched back to the native SMS program. But recently I switched back. I like the bubbles :) and the configurability.

Handcent has a widget that shows the number of unread texts you have; not sure about ChompSMS.

It's easy enough to try: just go the the stock app, disable notification, download Handcent or Chomp and try it for a few days.



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Yeah, Handcent seems to be the preferred option. I do think it looks cool...can you still link images to contacts when you get messages?

Also, if I simply turn off notification in native, is it still running in background? Are you given an option to make one the default over the other to not have 2 apps running in the background?


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Chomp doesn't do mms, so no photos there.

I find handcent to be really choppy with the keyboard and just slow, so I went back to the native app. Maybe it was just the popup, but I found the keyboard to be almost unusable for the first 5 seconds trying to respond to a text.

Native app I don't have a problem, but I do kind of miss that popup.

I also miss how handcent shows the photos in the list.


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I haven't tried Chomp, but like Handcent just for the sole feature that I can customize notification so it vibrates longer (and actually be felt vs the extremely short and quick native apps vibrates)


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I've used all three and decided to stick with the native messaging program.

Handcent gave me nothing but problems and never would work right on my phone.

Chomp, for me was a better option, but it does not do MMS. I don't do many MMS but when I did want to it was a headache.

Post update I went back to the native app. Why? Well, Chomp and Handcent all pull their information from the native app. Neither one had extra features that I liked or used. No need to switch so I stuck with what worked.


The one thing I like about Handcent over the Native is I can use voice with it; speak and it types the text for me. Does Native do that? I don't care about the bubbles n stuff in Handcent.:)


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Not that I'm aware of.

Perhaps there is an app on the market that does it? I guess at that point you might as well stick with Handcent if it works.