Help Native youtube app error msg


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I get an error every time I open the native utoob app.

Connection problem
at line29, column 3454:
Enclosed token

I get it every time I open the app. I can hit the back button to clear the message and the app works fine from then on. Just annoying seeing it every time.

Any ideas how to fix? Happens on 3g or WiFi


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I get the EXACT same thing. It is annoying. It didn't do it initially but about a week after I had the phone it started showing up. While we're on the subject of annoying and Youtube app, whats with not being able to upload videos over 3G? You have to wait for wifi connection. What if I didn't have that? OK thats a stretch, but one of the main reasons I got the phone was to be able to share what I want when I want.

At line 1, column 4954:
unclosed token


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Glad I'm not alone. I think uploading over 3g might be too much for VZW. But if we can work out this error msg i'd be gratefull.
go to settings -> applications -> manage applications -> (menu filter to see all applications) -> youtube -> clear cache/data

This should work

I found it here