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May 12, 2023
Hello everybody, im new on this forum, wasn't sure which topic will be the right one, so im posting hear.

I have unusual problem with my phone , icons from google maps while you driving, search, nav sound etc. are slightly visible all the time (in the background on any screen, app, game etc.) even when the app is off and also after phone restart. (freeze) The bottom taskbar is also showing all the time . What may caused this problem? Tried re install the app. btw im using google maps for at least 8h a day. It may by damage pixels? Was thinking about it, but the colors and area around this buttons is still working fine. Not sure if I decide to install android again it may help.. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
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yep screen burn in sucks. my mom had a samsung s8 that had this. it got worse and worse over time. she ended up getting the s22 and so far the screen is fine.

screen burning has to do with how much you use the phone and how often the screen stays the same. it also has to do with the screen build quality. this is a hardware issue and has nothing to do with android. and the fact that your phone came out in 2022 and this is happening within its first year is not good.

i have never owned or have seen in person a Xiaomi phone so i can't speak of their quality build....which is why i buy samsung flagship phones. never had this issue, nor do i keep my phone long enough for burn in to occur.

hopefully you have some kind of phone insurance. if not you can either get a professional to replace the screen, deal with it (it will get worse over time), or get a new phone.
I used to have top model sg's entire life, never though phone can have that kind of issue with the screen... what a shame

p.s im pretty sure they will provide me with the new one if I request it ;) [ is not a big issue, but annoying ]
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