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Navigation/Maps Sensor Bug! May be draining battery! READ IF YOU USE NAVIGATION.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WalmartSecurity, Aug 12, 2010.

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    So after using navigation to get to work in the past couple of days, I've noticed that my battery has been draining quicker than usual (about 10%/1.5 hrs instead of 10%/2-3). I checked spare parts and realized that maps was using the sensor (Spare Parts>History>Sensor Usage). Also under Battery Use Maps was continually hogging the battery, even AFTER I exited navigation.

    Having read about the GPS bug, I toggled on and back off the GPS and checked spare parts again. Maps was still running and using the sensor.

    So I decided to play around with the settings and this is what I've discovered:

    You have to toggle GPS on BEFORE using maps in order to stop navigation from using the sensors after exiting.

    If you turn on Nav without toggling GPS on, it will show a message taking you to location settings. If you turn on GPS and then use Nav again, it will continue to use your sensor, even after you exit! When this happens, a soft reset will solve the issue.

    I hope I've discovered something. If you want to replicate:

    1) Turn off GPS
    2) Go into navigation. It will prompt you to location settings.
    3) Turn on GPS, then go back into navigation and use it.
    4) Exit navigation, and then check Spare Parts to see if Maps is running under "Sensor Usage".

    Then REBOOT.

    1) Turn on GPS first!
    2) Go into navigation. Use it, then exit
    3) Check Spare Parts again.

    I've done this about 5-6 times. As long as you turn on GPS first, Maps will stop using sensors.

    Hopefully this'll help some of you out with your battery problems. If not, well...it's still weird.

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