Help Navigon 3.5.4 up to date vs. Naviogon MobileNavigon for Samsung?


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Hi there,
I have SGS2 from Optus Australia and loaded on all Aus SGS2 is Navigon software. This is downloaded when you first run the app. Currently it tells me I have version 3.5.4 and when I hit Available Maps it tells me I am up to date.

Meanwhile there is the Navigon application on the Market - MobileNavigator Samsung version 3.6.1 which is optimised for the SGS2 among other Samsung phones.

Has anyone downloaded this, is it a separate application or an update to the software? I can't find any documentation on their website either has anyone found anything to read up eg. How do you display freeway lane graphics like the screenshots in the market - I have never seen anything beyond the 2D/3D airial view?