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Navigon for Android Comes to the United States

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by phandroid, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. phandroid

    phandroid Admin News Bot
    Thread Starter

    The once-European exclusive GPS app – Navigon – has made its way to the United States marketplaces of Yankee Android users everywhere. It challenges current offerings from the likes of Telenav and CoPilot, who’ve been enjoying a nice share of the North American mobile GPS market for a long while. Some of Navigon’s compelling features include [...]


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  2. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Android Enthusiast

    This looks really interesting and the North America version gets Navteq maps, which I've found to be more accurate than TeleAtlas for the U.S. I may just have to check this out! :cool:

    I've been waiting for Garmin to get off their butts and release Garmin Mobile for Android, but who knows if or when this will ever happen. :rolleyes:
  3. Aero1

    Aero1 Android Enthusiast

    testing it right now on epic
  4. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Android Enthusiast

    Excellent - please post back your thoughts! :)
  5. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Wow...$60 is a bit steep consider Google Nav is for free.
  6. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Android Enthusiast

    Well, if you get it now it's $40 during the 2-week intro period. But if you're always in areas with good reception, then Google Nav will suffice. But if not then this could be worth the $40, but I'm not so sure about $60.
  7. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    The promo should have made it half price at least, lol. I think all apps should be no more than $30.
  8. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Android Enthusiast

    Can you post any testing results, thoughts, etc yet?
  9. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Android Expert

    I have a Navigon GPS unit and had the Navigon app on my iPhone, I have nothing bad to say about them. Well, except that I'm not paying that much for a nav app when Google Nav is free, especially since I never really get out of cell range. It chewed through my iPhone 3Gs battery pretty fast (a 50 minute drive with navigation running used up 40% of the battery, you could watch the batt% drop minute by minute), but that was more on the small lame battery the iPhone has on it than the app, I think. Otherwise, it's great, the lane selection diagram when coming up to an intersection/exit was a pretty nice thing to have.
  10. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Android Enthusiast

    From the reviews I've read on the Market, the Android version does not compare to these and is missing quite a few features - with the main one not including Canada maps.
  11. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Android Expert

    I guess if you are in Cunuckistan, or travel there, that might be something big. One thing I didn't like about Navigon was that I bought the stand-alone automotive unit, and as soon as they launched the iPhone app, they not only stopped making the stand-alones, they also didn't have any mention of them on the website anymore, and just completely dropped support for them, no more updates or anything. That's why i had the cracked version installed on my iPhone. I know, I know, stealing is wrong, but they completely dropped support for the hardware I had JUST purchased, and I was going to get something out of that!
  12. Aero1

    Aero1 Android Enthusiast

    Not really, a) the license fees on good up to date maps are quite expensive, probably on the order of $30 bucks cost to navigon and b) apps like this are 10x more complex than your average $5 app.
    For those used to google maps here are my findings after a couple of days:

    advantages Navigon:
    1) entire interface is more elegant and informative
    2) maps work off line
    3) Navigon's routing algorithms are noticeably better than google maps. NOT as good as TomTom, but better than google maps.
    4) Navigon's maps have speeds limits for highways and some major non highway roads. You are able able to set a speed alert for say 15 mph over the limt on the hghway and 10 mph elsewhere
    5) Navigon lane assist and reality view make dealing with complex and unfamiliar interchanges quite nice.
    6) I am finding Navigons the maps are more accurate and up to date than googles, which was a shock.
    6) the European maps, from the usual places, work with the US software
    7) night and day difference in text to speech
    8) well integrated with other android functions

    Advantages google:
    1) cost
    2) street names in 3d
    *3) recovery from phone call, loses routing,
    4) street view
    5) infinite poi
    6) Navigons very bad commitment and history with US market, which is shaky at best and they could simply abandon this product on a minutes notice.

    I submitted a ticket about problem #3 and an it illustrated problem 6 as they denied it was occurring and as it turns out ALL support emails are routed to Europe and the people there know NOTHING about our US product.

    I will say I had tried copilot, which in my opinion is a garbage product with what must be ten year old maps. I understand copilot's $5 offering with the garbage maps, if they duplicate what they are doing in Europe, will be to get people interested and they try and upsell proper maps and otehr features copilot has tuned off ont eh $5 version
    Yeah, I have owned Navigon 2100 and 7100, which were fun units because they ran wm5.0 underneath and were quite hackable. made for updating maps and upgrading software beyond what was intended easy.

    I also agree Navigon US support was very poor. I had their proprietary mount break on my 7100 (this turned out to be common) and for six months they had no replacements. When I asked if they could not just break open a box and sell me a new mount they said no. they also had no spare chargers, which had a proprietary pinouts.
  13. jim95608

    jim95608 Lurker

    It still seems to have bugs. I also can't figure out how to use voice commands for destinations like I do with Google Nav. Anyone know how that works? It takes about 30 seconds to load on my Moto Droid running 2.2. Does have some nice features but I'm still trying determine if I really like it better.
  14. Dusan

    Dusan Lurker

    Cool - i will review app soon on my blog...
  15. Rambler358

    Rambler358 Android Enthusiast

    Did you try navigating to a contact in your address book? I heard this doesn't work.
  16. runnr548

    runnr548 Lurker

    I have a Navigon 5100MAX which I have used for a couple of years with great success. I also have a Droid and I use Google Navigation, also with great success. I am considering purchasing Navigon Android, currently $39.95 USD. Decisions...decisions...
  17. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Android Expert

    I had Navigon on my iPhone 3G. It works pretty good. The map data was 1GB for the continental US. It's not nearly as polished as google navigation, but if you are out of service area, then it will get you out of a pinch.
  18. Exspyguy

    Exspyguy Newbie

    the iVersion of Navigon is a great product. The Panorama IAP is a great way to blow 10 bucks. If you need to listen to internet radio, over bluetooth and serve up bandwidth to the kids ipad in the back seat to they can watch netflix and the wife needs a connection to surf the web in the passenger seat....its worth the money on long trips that everyone shuts up about everything while you are driving.
  19. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Does this have text to speech?
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