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need a a case but witch one?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by graysuperduty, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. graysuperduty

    graysuperduty Lurker
    Thread Starter

    so i really want a otterbox case but when the hell are they going to make one? so i geuss im goin to need something to protect this thing any suggestions?

  2. CaveRacing

    CaveRacing Newbie

    I bought the case-mate Barely There for mine. I had one on my BB and really liked it. It comes with the clear screen protection, too. I don't think it offers as much protection as others, but it serves me well.

    www.case-mate.com is where I found it.
  3. weihl165

    weihl165 Android Enthusiast

    I got the innocell rugged case and it works pretty good. Adds a little bulk but looks and feels like it will protect my dinc in a fall
  4. mosabi

    mosabi Newbie

    I purchased the body glove case from VZW and really like it.
  5. jrmckins

    jrmckins Android Expert

  6. JaRN99

    JaRN99 Android Enthusiast

    I have the Case-Mate Tough Case and I like it alot. 2 pieces...a silicone cover which also covers the volume button and power button but still allows them to be used. Also the silicone cover has a small raised edge that wraps around front of the phone so when it's sitting face down it's not setting on the screen. And then a ABS plastic cover which snaps over the silicone cover. The plastic cover has nice grip on the sides and allows for use of all the buttons and connection points. Overall very pleased with it.

  7. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert

    I had the otterbox case for my Droid Eris which is essentially the same as the tough case, and it was great, but I wish that I hadn't bought it because I keep very good care of my phones and looove the feel of them without the case. So thats why im keeping this phone naked lol.
  8. cartisdm

    cartisdm Android Enthusiast

  9. smillerlsu

    smillerlsu Newbie

    Yep, I gave up on waiting after so long with their"we have no information" bit on the phone, through their comments section on their website, and on their facebook page... not to mention the fact that they got the iPhone taken care of in a month while we are still waiting.

    So, after telling Otterbox off on their facebook page, I went with the Seidio Innocase Rugged/holster combo ($40 at htcpedia shop) and am very happy with my decision.
  10. mozes316

    mozes316 Newbie

    Anyone know anything to protect your phone with the extended batter?
  11. malice

    malice Well-Known Member

    I have had three cases:

    1st. Clear hard case from verizon. Launched my phone in a bar full of people at 4am. Never saw the case a again, but the phone was not scratched.

    2nd. Temporarily had a verizon silicon soft case. WOULD NOT TRUST IT AT ALL. If you drop it the energy will still be transferred to the phone. To many stories of shattered screens with these.

    3rd. I now have a seido innocase surface. This is the hard case. The design is excellent. It slides over the phone in two pieces from the top and bottom and locks together. Its hard as a rock, thin, light, and has a great feel to the hand. I highly recommend it. Also, got it for 19 bucks on Amazon new. Same price pretty much as the vzw cases.
  12. GoinOnTilt

    GoinOnTilt Well-Known Member

    I thought I liked mine. I had to keep taking it apart to get the dust out that collects in the corners. No biggie, except the last time I took it out, I noticed the case was scratching the side of my phone. Now my phone chills in its birthday suit.
  13. GiveMeItNow

    GiveMeItNow Guest

    I had the body glove case but the dust that collects under the case actually scratched the phone a little. Got seidio innocase rugged combo and love it. First case is a tight fit and doesn't let dust in. Then rubber case, then hard plastic cover. Good protection. Thumbs up for Seidio!:D
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  14. regnak

    regnak Newbie

    You say you have a Tough Case, I've been looking for someone who owns one for the past two weeks. Is there any chance you would be willing to do a mini-review with it. Just a few pictures - Case-Mate's pictures leave something to be desired and your thoughts on it (I guess you already posted most here but if you have anything to add, please do).

  15. JaRN99

    JaRN99 Android Enthusiast

    Unfortunately I have no way to do pictures of it now...I'm on my 24 hour shift at the fire dept. The case is very nice. I like how it covers and protects the pwr and volume buttons but still allows them to be used. Also it sticks out a little further than the camera on the back so if you set it face up it will sit flat as well as protect the camera housing. The plastic cover is textured a bit so gives it a nice grip to hold on to. To me the best feature of it is the slightly raised silicone lip around the front of the phone. If I set it face down it sits on the silicone lip and not the actual screen surface (which is protected by a Zagg cover). There are openings for the speaker, USB port, headset plug and camera so it's easy to get to all of them. I've very anal and protective about allof my electronics and I'm more than pleased with it....seems very well made.
  16. JaRN99

    JaRN99 Android Enthusiast

    GiveMeItNow .....that "Thanks" was for your user picture....LOL.
  17. dragonsamus

    dragonsamus Android Enthusiast

    I'm currently using the silicon case bought from vzw. So far it works but I haven't dropped it. I take good care of my phones. I just wanted the piece of mind.
  18. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    I too have the silicon vzw case. Dropped it once, in the produce section of the grocery store. No damage, except for the embarassement of yelling "GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!". I'm definitely getting some protection from it, but I'm planning on upgrading the case, once there is something available that's actually an upgrade (considering the speck cover, but was planning on waiting for the Otterbox commuter to come out).
  19. dragonsamus

    dragonsamus Android Enthusiast

    What would be considered an upgrade?
  20. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    Something on par with the Otterbox Impact or commuter series. I'm either going to wait for the Commuter to come out (if it EVER does), get the speck, or Seidio Innocase (I'm really not in love with the look of that, and not sure about the protection). And I'd feel silly if I bought a compromise a week before the Otterbox releases.
  21. quademire87

    quademire87 Lurker

    Is there any case that plugs the usb port? I oftentimes work in very dusty environments, and usually leave my dinc in my work truck, but sometimes am forced to take it with me. Just something that has a little rubber plug would be perfect.
  22. heffe2001

    heffe2001 Well-Known Member

    I've got this case too, and so far like it a lot. The fit is very good, and protection seems to be also. The only real complaint I have is while the rear abs cover is textured for gripping, if you place it on a surface face up, it will slide (it's not rubberized at all on the back), but if you place it face DOWN, it'll pretty much stay in place. I also wish they would have released it in other colors than just black (that was the only reason I considered a Seidio Active, I liked the blue one). I also had found a coupon code on the forums here for 10% off the purchase, which helped cover shipping..

    I ended up not using the supplied screen protector, since mine had a small fold in it in the bottom half of the screen (right in the middle of the PHONE button in the launcher), and no matter what I did, it wouldn't come out. Just need to get a decent protector and I'm all set.

    It'd also be nice if Case-mate would make a clip-holster that fits this case, as right now the only one I can find that it fits is a horizontal holster, and I hate those, lol. I'm betting the clip-holster from Seidio for the active case would work though..

    Here's the post with the code if anybody is interested, worked last week, so I'm hoping it will this week as well..
  23. Fine69

    Fine69 Android Enthusiast

    I am using a body glove case. it s simple very tough and adds so little bulk and one thing I like is the phone doesn't slide around like it it did. Its is nearly impossible though to take off with battery switching though. It also has a belt clip option that when you spin 180 it has a kick stand for viewing on its side or vertical.
  24. Cool426

    Cool426 Lurker

    the seidio innocase rugged does
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