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Need a blue tooth headset; text to speech

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by otter, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. otter

    otter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have a plaintronics headset now that isn't working too well. I would like to know if anyone can recommend a bt headset that has voice commands and allows me to hear (and perhaps dictate) text message through the bluetooth headset. I use an app called drivesafe.ly so if you know something that will work w/ that please let me know. I'd like to stay under $100 if possible and really under $80, but might consider spending more if everything worked.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    Well Otter, I would LOVE to be able to hit a button on my BT headset and send a text, too! But I have yet to hear of that feature.

    In absence of that I CAN, in fact, highly recommend the Rocketfish RF-MAB2 stereo BT headset. You can play/pause music, volume +/-, BT voice dial, redial and end calls with it. Fits comforably over the ears and wraps around the back on the head. It sounds positively AWESOME and lasts 10-12 HOURS on a 2-hour charge.

    I listen to my extensive music library via Google Music, songs shuffled, all day every day and can go from 7 AM to about 9 PM with stand-by breaks in between for whatever I'm doing that I don't need music in my head.

    Also available at Amazon. Hope this helps :)
  3. otter

    otter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Maybe someday! I checked the link and those look nice however I would like something that fits over just 1 ear.
  4. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    Ah, okay. Sorry and good luck. In a house full of women here it's nice for me to tune things out :p
  5. otter

    otter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Plaintronics marquee M155 works awesome with my app and also navigation in case anybody else is interested.
  6. clb2196

    clb2196 Android Enthusiast

    Vlingo has a car app. As long as it's running in the foreground you can wake it up by saying "hey vlingo" then use the voice commands to send a text or whatever, so you never touch the phone itself. It also does text to speech that you can turn on and it dictates your messages to you. Sounds like it might be what you're looking for?
  7. jpsvc1

    jpsvc1 Lurker

    blueant q2 i bought it on ebay for $40 bucks i can stream music, which sounds perfect. i have linked it up with 2 phone at the same time and it has voice control, i just say call home and it does, even will read me text....
  8. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    Just a note about the above since the OP mentioned driving. Full (both ears) headphones are illegal in most states to wear while driving.
  9. CharlzO

    CharlzO Android Expert

    The Motorola H17txt headset I just ran across comes with a MotoSpeak app that will dictate texts to you through the headset. Not sure about speaking BACK into it to have it written for you, haven't tried it myself. But I just thought I'd share.
  10. BeastMD

    BeastMD Well-Known Member

    The Motorola Command One lets you dictate back messages and also will read them to you. Also has voice prompting for answering calls and other stuff. Works well, even in a semi noisy environment at least in my experience. Hooks to 2 phones as well.

    The moto headset does use its own app available on the market.

    Edit: $50 on amazon

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