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Need A Good Wallpaper App

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BLACKTOOTHGRIN, Sep 13, 2011.


    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Android Enthusiast
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    Just got the Commando last night.
    So far the phone seems pretty good,
    but it's going to take some getting used to.

    The one thing that has really aggravated me is that no matter what
    I do, I can't get a good full screen wallpaper from my pictures because it
    always makes me crop it to a certain degree.
    (then blows up the cropped area and looks like garbage)
    After doing some reading I found out it's an Android problem,
    not just a Commando problem.

    So the question is:
    What are the best FREE apps that will allow you to use one of your pictures
    as a wallpaper? (full screen portrait layout without cropping)
    I found one that's really simple to use called "Crop Wallpaper".
    It works great for this,
    but doesn't let the wallpaper carry over
    from left to right, when switching through home screens.
    When you try to wipe to the next home screen, the wallpaper ends and is cut off.
    Is there a good app out there that solves all of the above?

    I'm also looking for one that has a very limited access requirement.
    I don't see why an app needs "full internet access" to set your wallpaper.
    I kinda feel like allowing that is just asking for trouble.

    What would you all suggest?
    Sure seems crazy that a "smartphone" can't correctly size photos for wallpapers.
    ...all my basic phones could.:rolleyes:

    It's also funny that this thing can't restrict incoming calls to your contacts list, like basic phones can.
    ***I also need a good free app for that if anyone knows of one.***



    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Android Enthusiast
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    No responses, but I found the fix.

    To display pictures as wallpapers without cropping or distortion,
    they need to be sized double the width of the screen resolution.
    The Commando's screen is 480x800.
    Therefore, to display the picture correctly without any cropping or distortion,
    the picture needs to be 960x800.
    Not a problem when working with a picture taken in landscape layout,
    but a little more tricky when sizing a picture in portrait layout.

    even though a 960x800 picture will now display as a wallpaper pixel for pixel,
    the Gallery's conversion still throws a bit of funk in there for some stupid reason.
    The wallpaper comes out just a hair blurrier than the picture in the gallery.
    Not too noticeable for most people I would imagine, but still enough to piss ME off.

    I found that using "Crop Wallpaper" along with resizing to 960x800
    takes care of most of the blurriness, (if you even want to call it that)
    and gives you a nice looking wallpaper though.

    Hope that helps someone. :cool:
  3. thermalguts

    thermalguts Lurker

    Download the APP called Zedge. It is awesome. When you select a wallpaper it will allow you adjust the picture. Great app for wallpapers and it is FREE!!!
  4. jklas65

    jklas65 Lurker

    Wallpaper Wizardrii is the best app out there for making your own pictures work for a wallpaper. It gives you a bunch of options and will make any picture fit your background

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Android Enthusiast
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    Got it fixed up for the most part, but thanks for suggestions.
    I actually might give em a shot because there is still a bit of quality loss when using Gallery by itself.

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