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Support Need a little help here.....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Court1980, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Court1980

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    Aug 23, 2010

    Aug 23, 2010
    I am sure that these issues will be totally lame to most of you, but I am new to the Evo AND to the forums so please be gentle :). I may not know as much as you all, but I am pretty technologically advanced over many I know so I hate to even have to ask!

    First off, I am having a ridiculous time trying to get my work e-mail synced up. We use Microsoft Outlook and I had NO trouble using it on my old Blackberry. Try as I might, I cannot get it to work on my Evo. I used add account >active exchange, but keep getting messages that it 'Failed to connect to exchange server. Please check exchange server settings.' I am using my correct e-mial and password, the server address is automatically blowing in, or the domain name I typed in the web addy that your browser redirects you to if you log in at home, my correct user name and password. I thought this was exactly how I did it last time, but either the phone or I must be missing some key piece of info. I know for sure that my hospital doesn't restrict you from loading your e-mail on your mobile device so that is not the issue. Sprint has been less than helpful with this issue and only gave me a phone number to HTC support (which by the way only, allows you to hold for 1 minute and 36 seconds for a representative before requiring you to leave a voicemail that they do not return!)

    Secondly, I have read a lot about conserving battery power and I have tweaked most of my settings. Background data, Bluetooth, 4g (I'm in a 4g area, but we all know how spotty it is indoors) and all that other good stuff are off. I am signed out of Google talk and unchecked auto sign in. I did notice that one app in particular was killing my battery so I immediately uninstalled it (wasn't all that great of an app anyway) and noticed an improvement. Having said that, sometimes it seems like I can go on and on before I see battery starting to drop off, but other days (like today) it seems like it's draining quite quickly. What causes such a big fluxuation in battery life with most everything turned off?!? I checked my usage and it shows small ammounts of voice calls, display, and large chunks devoted to Android system and sometimes phone idle. I have looked under android systems and don't see anything out of the ordinary (like an app on overdrive). So I can't see where the drain comes from on those rougher days.

    Lastly, I love love love Swype, but I do miss having the microphone button on the keyboard for speaking short texts while driving. I know it's easy to change the input method, but that really defeats the purpose of trying to be a safer driver when I must use my phone (I know, I know...I shouldn't be using it at all, but there are occasions when we all must so let's not pretend we all haven't done it lol).

    I waited soooooo long (as I know many others have) to get my Evo and I am loving it! With a solution to my minor annoyances it would be PERFECT! If I can't find a fix then I will learn to live with it because the awesomness of the Evo FAR outweighs any little drawback!! Thanks for reading! :rolleyes:



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