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Need a Mail App

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by TameWater, May 16, 2011.

  1. TameWater

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    I don't like the default Mail app. It takes too many clicks to change from Inbox to Sent (and back, to trash, and back etc), there is no function to delete with your first click, and it does not delete emails deleted on your phone from the server, nor delete from the phone that have now been downloaded to you home computer.

    Gmail is worse (why do they call them 'labels' instead of folders anyway).

    K-9 looks good but lots of bad reviews, and I don't know if it addresses my problems.

    Ditto Enhanced Mail, Yahoo Mail, Maildroid and some others (it's hard to know what are in fact applications, and what are only bolt-ons).

    I'm looking for

    1) Folders across the screen, to swap from IN to SENT to TRASH etc with one click.

    2) Do not save to trash, delete now.

    3) Delete mails deleted on phone from server on next connection.

    4) Delete mail now removed from server, from phone, on next connection.

    IE something like the way Windows Mobile mail works - or similar to the SMS Compser text app for Android.

    Can anyone help me please? A bolt-on to Android Mail would be ok if such exists.


    PS I just have one email address, and one email account, with one email company who've been going since the flood.

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