Need a music app with starring features, etc.

Are there any Android music-playing apps that let you star/rate your songs a la itunes? I would like to to switch away from my 32GB ipod touch as my main music player because the jack's damaged and sound only comes out of the right channel unless I hold the headphone plug in a certain way.

My problem is that I'm a big music nerd, and I tend to download (free, legally available) songs in 200+ song batches and dump the whole directory into my mp3 player. I have a fairly specific system with my star ratings for each song: one star means delete, three stars means keep, four stars means track down more from the artist, five stars mean I want to put the song on a mix, etc.

I need the ability not only to rate a song but then to easily transfer all those songs in batches back to various directories on my hard drive corresponding with the star rating. Currently I do this with my ipod and a freeware program called sharepod. But I would love to discover an Android version of the same functionality. Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks.