Need a tablet suggestion


Alright so heres the background. My dad and I both have the first version of the samsung galaxy tab 10.1. My dad loves his I don't use mine so much, however, my dad thinks a tablet would be a good christmas gift for my mom for christmas. Why? I think it is because she is always wanting to use my sisters laptop and dad thinks she would really enjoy having very mobile laptop. Heres the catch though. They have an old desktop that is about to call it quits and my mom runs turbo tax on it to do taxes. So what ever tablet we get here will need to be able to run turbo tax and will also need a usb drive, it would preferably have a keyboard as well or the ability to have one. I have been out of the android tablet game for a long time so I'm not very up to speed on what features are out there and the capabilities. He is wanting to keep it around the 300-400$ range. My first glance at the tablet market tells me the windows surface rt would be a good choice since I believe it has a usb drive and can run turbo tax. I would however like to find an android tablet that is capable because I'm sure I will be the one setting everything up on it and I have had nothing but good luck with android devices.

thanks for any and all help community,